YouTube Rewind is no longer available because no one liked it

YouTube Rewind is no longer available because no one liked it

YouTube Rewind is no longer available. After cancelling Rewind last year because no one wanted to look back at 2020, the company has decided to end it permanently (possibly because 2020 never really ended, did it?).

The annual round-up of popular creators and trends has become increasingly derided over the years, peaking (or should I say, valleying?) in 2018 with the most disliked video ever posted on YouTube, with over 19 million dislikes. When you’re on YouTube, you have to make a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately, Rewind in 2019 didn’t fare much better.

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The company confirmed to Tubefilter that it would no longer produce the compilation videos, which is notable given that this would have been Rewind’s tenth year.

According to TubeFilter, YouTube is ending the videos, not because of the backlash, but because “its platform has grown so vast that it is impossible to encapsulate its vastness and diversity within a minutes-long compilation.”

While this is true, it seems that this has always been the case — it was just better at making Rewind videos in the past.

Instead, YouTube is directing users to end-of-year videos created by creators with their distinct viewpoints. That’s probably safer than having a corporate behemoth try to encompass everything that matters to its target audience.

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YouTube, on the other hand, does not appear to be abandoning recaps entirely. “We’ll refocus [our] energies on celebrating you and the trends that make YouTube with a different and updated kind of experience,” the company says. Whatever it is, it can’t be as bad as the previous rewinds, can it?

Via The Verge