Xbox Exclusive Project Belfry Details Leaked

According to a leak, project Belfry, an Xbox exclusive in development, is claimed to blend Dragon’s Crown with Princess Mononoke.

Xbox has been acquiring new teams to assist in the development of first-party games for numerous years. According to recent disclosures, Xbox is also stepping up its efforts to publish third-party games. Project Shaolin, a Wu-Tang action RPG, Pax Dei, a cloud-based MMO from Hitman developer IO Interactive, and maybe Hideo Kojima’s next game is all recent projects. Add another game to the list, as Project Belfry, a Ghibli-styled 2D action-adventure game, was recently leaked.

During his recent GrubbSnax podcast, GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb discussed Project Belfry in detail. Although Project Belfry isn’t a confirmed game, Grubb has a source who has given him some early details. According to the leak, project Belfry is a side-scrolling action-adventure game characterised as being akin to Dragon’s Crown. Put another way. This isn’t a Golden Axe brawler but rather a game with more growth layers and a broader environment to explore.

With a belfry hub base in its centre, Project Belfry’s globe is supposed to be both huge and interconnected. As the game progresses, players will be able to return to this belfry and upgrade it. Players will be able to build colonies further afield on the globe to bring in more materials for crafting. There are many uncertainties about how these systems will be presented and how the action-adventure stages will interact with the overworld, belfry, and towns. Still, it does present a compellingly big and complicated experience.

Grubb’s final piece of information about the game is that it is visually influenced by Studio Ghibli’s animated films, notably Princess Mononoke. Even though Grubb does not detail, it appears like Project Belfry will be a fantasy game with stylised aesthetics.

The studio working on Project Belfry is one apparent omission from Grubb’s disclosure. That would disclose a lot about the game and what kind of expectations Xbox fans should have for it, as the studio’s previous work might be used as a guide. Project Belfry’s scale and potential remain a mystery without a studio.

It appears that fans will have to rely on their speculation for a little longer. There’s no further information regarding Project Belfry, no comment on how far it’s progressed, and no estimated release date. It’s safe to presume it’ll be coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S at the very least. Hopefully, there will be more updates shortly.

Project Belfry is said to be in the works.

Source: Gamerant

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