Windows 10: Redstone 1

Windows 10: Redstone 1

Here we can see “Windows 10: Redstone 1

As you’ll be aware by now, Microsoft won’t be releasing any longer Windows versions. That’s their stance as at present; nobody knows what they’ll decide afterwards. Users received this news with mixed feelings. For the disappointed ones, however, there’s still a bright side altogether this. Windows 10 updates will keep coming as long as necessary, so rest assured there’ll not be any scenario like Windows XP.

Furthermore, Microsoft has reiterated that the updates will frequently come from now henceforth. Just round the corner, there’s a severe update within the offing. Redstone 1 is its name and going by all the hype around it. It’ll hit bottom running.

How far are we from Redstone 1?

At now in time, it’s safe to mention that internal development is underway. WinBeta and BuildFeed reported this, both being very reliable sources. they need to be at the forefront of tracking and detailing Windows 10 development carry-ons at Microsoft. “RS1”, because it is fondly mentioned, is now inevitably the topic on everyone’s lips. A few changes are being anticipated once Redstone 1 is deployed. At the instant, everything seems a touch grey and uncertain, but one thing is for sure: Redstone 1 will be a core for all the fashionable – day computing technologies as you recognize them.

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We are watching facilities that will unify all computing devices both in development and deployment also. There’ll be support for many (if not all) of the apps that you know of. This suggests that even the screen orientation will change to accommodate the sort of app in use as a mode of input. It’s going to seem far–fetched at this point, except for sure this may be a severe leap in technological advancement.

Note that Redstone is but a codename at this stage. There’ll be nothing like “Windows 11”; the entire package will continue by its trademark name “Windows 10”. Nobody knows if the update itself will persist with the Redstone 1 moniker or if another tag will be coined up. If you’ve followed Windows trends, you’ll have noticed the confusing nature during which smaller and fewer significant updates are named. Cut back to Windows 98 Second Edition, a minor Windows 98 upgrade, then to Windows 8, whereby the next update was just named Windows 8.1. Both of them were rebranded releases of the system; on the other hand, a Windows 10 update was named “SR1”.

How Redstone are going to be installed

Say goodbye to lining up in stores to shop for new copies of Windows software. Instead, Microsoft declared that they should move the Windows platform from a product-based model to a service model. New features will be made available to customers via Windows Update. Core components can now even be changed via the updating system.

Still, many users aren’t sure if the Redstone 1 update is the only update to expect. The truth is there are getting to be other more minor updates, a bit like the one that featured new messaging modules with skype and Microsoft Edge support. You’ll have encountered such an update with the name “Threshold 2”.

The launch of Redstone will occur in two chunks. Mark the month of June 2016 because that’s when Redstone 1 are going to be launched first. Redstone 2 is rumoured to get on course to be launched later between October and November 2016. you’ll see a drift here. “Threshold” looks like the primary phase of release, while “Redstone” is the second phase.

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