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What is: Winlogon?

Here we can see “What is: Winlogon?

The winlogon.exe process may be a critical part of the Windows OS. This process usually runs within the background on Windows, and it’s liable for some important system functions.

What Is Windows Logon Application?

The winlogon.exe process may be a vital part of the Windows OS, and Windows will be unusable without it.

This process performs a spread of critical tasks associated with the Windows sign-in process. for instance, once you check-in, the winlogon.exe process is liable for loading your user profile into the registry. This enables programs to use the keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which are different for every Windows user account.


Winlogon.exe has special hooks into the system and watches to ascertain if you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. This is often referred to as the “secure attention sequence,” and it’s why some PCs could also be configured to need you to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before you check-in. This mix of keyboard shortcuts is usually caught by winlogon.exe, which ensures you’re signing in on a secure desktop where other programs can’t monitor the password you’re typing or impersonate a sign-in dialog.

The Windows Logon Application also monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and is liable for locking your PC and starting screen savers after a period of inactivity.

In summary, Winlogon may be a critical part of the login process and wishes to stay running within the background. Microsoft also provides a more detailed, technical list of Winlogon’s responsibilities, if you’re interested.

Can I Disable It?

You can’t disable this process. It’s an important part of Windows and must be running in the least time. There’s no reason to disable it, anyway, because it just uses a small number of resources within the background to perform critical system functions.

If you are trying to finish the method from the Task Manager, you’ll see a message saying that ending the method “will cause Windows to become unusable or shut down.” If you bypass this message, your screen will go black, and your PC won’t even answer Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The winlogon.exe process is liable for handling Ctrl+Alt+Delete, so there’s no recovering your session once you’ve stopped it. Instead, you’ll get to restart your PC to continue.

Windows will always launch this process once you start your PC. If Windows can’t launch winlogon.exe, csrss.exe, or other critical user system processes, your PC will blue screen with error code 0xC000021A.

Could it be a Virus?

It’s normal for the winlogon.exe process always to be running on your system. the important winlogon.exe file is found within the C:\Windows\System32 directory on your system. To verify the important Windows Logon Application is running, right-click it in Task Manager and choose “Open file location.”

The file manager should hospitable the C:\Windows\System32 directory containing the winlogon.exe file.


If someone told you that the winlogon.exe file located in C:\Windows\System32 is malicious, that’s a hoax. This is often a legitimate file, and removing it’ll damage your Windows installation.

Tech support scammers have pointed to winlogon.exe and other critical system processes and said, “If you see this running on your PC, you’ve got malware.” Every PC has the Windows Logon Application running, and that’s just normal. Please don’t fall for their scams!

On the opposite hand, if you see the winlogon.exe file located in the other directory, you’ve got a drag. An epidemic or other malware could also be camouflaging itself as this process to cover within the background. High CPU or memory use from winlogon.exe is another wake-up call, as this process shouldn’t use much CPU or memory in normal situations.

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