Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

Here we can see “Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

You are seeing that the only thanks to controlling your android device is that the touch screen, a broken device, can cause tons of worries. Most people think that there are no thanks for getting their device to figure again, including being ready to unlock it if the screen is broken or cracked. It is, however, essential to seek out how to unlock the broken device so that you’ll gain access to your data and make a backup to revive to a replacement device.

In this article, we are getting to check out a couple of simple ways you’ll unlock an Android device with a broken screen.


Method 1: Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

For this method, you’ll need your device and access to a PC. It’s the only powerful method to unlock a broken Android device. It’ll, however, only work if you’ve got enabled USB debugging on your android phone. If you haven’t, skip this method and see if method 2 or 3 could help.

ADB creates a bridge between the PC and your device, which may be wont to unlock the device. Here’s the way to use this bridge.

Step 1: Download the Android SDK package on your PC. you’ll download it here: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html. Extract the ZIP file on your PC.

Step 2: Download the required drivers for your device. The USB drivers for your device are often found on the manufacturer’s website.

Step 3: Launch prompt on your PC and alter the situation of the ADB file. Type within the following into Command Prompt; cd C:/android/platform-tools

Step 4: Connect the device to your PC using USB cables. Enter the command “ADB device” (without quotation marks). If your phone is recognized, you’ll see numbers within the prompt message.

Step 5: Type within the following two commands. You’ll get to type within the other immediately after the primary. Replace 1234 together with your password.

ADB shell input text 1234

Shell input key event 66

Step 6: Your phone will now be unlocked, and you’ll proceed to copy its contents.

Method 2: employing a USB Mouse and, therefore, the On the Go Adapter

This is an excellent solution if you don’t have USB debugging enabled on your device. You’ll need your device, an OTG adapter, and a USB mouse. It involves connecting the device to the USB mouse using the OTG adapter. Check if your device are often connected to a USB mouse. You’ll find an OTG adapter online. They’re relatively inexpensive and instrumental.

Before we start, it’s a simple idea to make sure your device is sufficiently charged because the Mouse may drain your battery.

Step 1: Connect the Micro USB side of the OTG adapter to your device, then connect the USB mouse to the adapter.

Step 2: As soon because the devices are connected, you’ll be ready to see a pointer on your screen. You’ll then use the pointer to unlock the pattern or enter the device’s password lock. 

You can then set about backing up the contents of your device.

Method 3: Using your Samsung Account

This method may be a reliable thanks to unlock a Samsung device that features a broken screen or isn’t working correctly. However, while it’s highly effective, you’ll get to have a Samsung account registered together with your device. the matter is that not many Samsung device users have registered their devices with the service. If you’re among the lucky few who have, here’s the way to use your account to unlock your device.

Step 1: Visit the https://findmymobile.samsung.com/login.do on your PC or the other device and log in together with your account information.

Step 2: Select your device from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: you ought to see the choice “Unlock my screen” on the sidebar. Click thereon, and you’ll get instructions on the way to access your device.

Being unable to unlock your device isn’t an honest place to be. So we hope one of the above solutions will work for you. You’ll then gain access to your device and copy the files and contacts. In this manner, your life doesn’t need to be disrupted- you’ll restore the backup on a replacement device or the old one once the screen is fixed.


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