Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped Error on Android Phones

Here we can see “Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped Error on Android Phones”

Method 1: Perform a hard reset on your Android device.

Simply restarting your phone is one of the simplest and most effective ways to resolve any error. A softphone reset resolves several minor issues or bugs, and you can now use the app without difficulty.

Switching off your phone after a few days is a good idea because continuing to use it causes sluggishness and other issues.

However, if this method does not solve your problem, move on to the next.


Method 2: Delete the app’s data and cache.

  1. To begin, go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Then to Applications, and then to Application Manager, unless you see the All option.
  3. Now, could you scroll down to find WhatsApp and tap it.
  4. You will get Clear cache and data first, then restart your device to see if the error has been resolved.

If not,

  1. Select “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu. After asking for confirmation, the app will uninstall.
  2. Your phone should be restarted.
  3. Using this link, download a fresh copy of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
  4. Hopefully, the problem is now fixed.

Method 3: Insufficient storage space on the phone

  • To begin, go to Settings > Storage. Make sure it has at least 100MB to 200MB of storage.
  • After that, uninstall any apps that you no longer require.
  • This will free up space on your Android phone, and WhatsApp should now function properly.

Method 4: Check for any available updates.

  1. To begin, open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.
  2. Then choose My Apps & Games from the drop-down menu.
  3. A list of all will be available, along with an Update option.
  4. Simply select Update, and your app will be updated to the most recent version.

Method 5: Reinstall WhatsApp after uninstalling it.

  1. Go to Settings, then Applications, and finally Application Manager.
  2. Here, look for the All option and tap on WhatsApp. Then click Uninstall, and your app will be removed.
  3. Restart your device after that.
  4. Now, go to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp in the search field. Choose WhatsApp and then hit the Install button.


Method 6: It’s possible that your Gmail account has been hacked or is inactive.

  1. To log out of your Android phone, go to Settings and then Accounts.
  2. Select your Google account and then click “Remove Account.”


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User Questions:

  1. How do you fix a WhatsApp error?

When WhatsApp is corrupted or no longer needed, the cache could cause it to continually halting. The quickest and most reliable approach to resolve this is to clear the WhatsApp cache data on your phone, which you can do by following the simple instructions below. On your Android phone, go to Settings. Finally, press the Clear Cache button.

  1. Why does my phone continually telling me that WhatsApp is no longer available?

If the WhatsApp installation file on your Android device is faulty or broken, you’ll get this issue frequently. Issues with the app’s cache could potentially cause the error. A problem in the WhatsApp app might also force it to crash, displaying the error message “Unfortunately WhatsApp has ceased.”

  1. How do I clear the cache on WhatsApp on Android?

From the apps drawer, select “Settings Menu.” Navigate to “Apps” in the list and tap it. “Whatsapp” is selected from the Apps menu. Then, at the bottom of the screen, tap “Clear Cache” after clicking “Storage.”

  1. What does it mean when it says, Unfortunately, Google Play is no longer available?

If you receive an error message, Unfortunately, Google Play services are no longer available. If this message appears while using the Android TM TV’s Google Play TM services app, update the Google Play services app. Clear the Google Play services app’s data and cache. Select the option to clear the cache.


  1. Doesn’t seem to be able to receive WhatsApp calls?

If you can’t make or receive WhatsApp calls after connecting to your Wi-Fi network, check to see if your router’s security settings and firewall configuration aren’t blocking certain types of connections, as this will prevent WhatsApp Calling from working properly.

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