The Travis Scott emote has been removed from Fortnite

Because of the tragic events at Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance, Epic Games has decided to remove the Travis Scott emote from the Fortnite marketplace.

Several Travis Scott-themed new items have been added to Fortnite, a battle royale game that the rapper’s work has heavily influenced. Following the tragic Astroworld concert on November 5, Fortnite has scrapped plans to sell the Travis Scott emote, which was previously planned.


On November 5, eight people were killed, and hundreds were injured on the first day of Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance in Houston, Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle. In the aftermath of the incident, many people have accused Travis Scott of failing to stop the event promptly so that individuals could receive necessary medical attention. Travis Scott performed an in-game concert in Fortnite in 2020, another of the various events that players can participate in. The concert also coincided with the debut of a Travis Scott skin for the game. The Travis Scott skin, titled “Out West,” was released alongside the rest of the Fortnite skins, and it was inspired by a popular TikTok dance to the song “Out West” by JACKBOYS and Travis Scott, which featured Young Thug.

Epic Games has suggested that the Travis Scott emote from Fortnite be removed in a new tweet. “It’s been brought to our attention that the ‘Daily’ area of the Item Shop has been deactivated,” Epic Games begins in a post from its Fortnite Status account, informing players that this is not an accident. According to Epic Games, “This is on purpose, and the ‘Daily’ section will be reinstated with the next Item Shop refresh.” Even though neither Travis Scott nor any of his affiliations are mentioned in this article, his “Out West” emote was meant to be included in today’s ‘Daily’ Item Shop rotation alongside the conclusion of the Astroworld series.

Travis Scott has cancelled the second day of his Astroworld tour following his performance on November 5. Many people in the comments section of the storey expressed their appreciation for deleting the emote. The decision to shut down the Item Shop altogether has some players perplexed why Epic Games did not simply replace each individual emote instead of replacing them all. When emotes and other objects were being utilised without permission by the original originator of the gesture, Fortnite would remove them. This has happened several times in the past.

While Epic Games does not explicitly mention Travis Scott, it appears likely that this act in Fortnite is being done out of respect for the incident victims in Charlottesville, Virginia. Although Epic Games would have been more appropriate to remark directly about the occurrence, the emote’s discreet shutdown still forbids it from being sold in its current form. Epic Games’ comprehensive response would most likely consist of either removing Travis Scott from Fortnite entirely or simply ceasing the rotation of his stuff in the shop, depending on the situation. Emotes and other goods in Fortnite rotate on a monthly basis, with “Out West” being accessible on December 8. If the item reappears on December 8, gamers will be aware of Epic Games’ stand on the matter.


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