The Red Alert 2 fan expansion, which has been in the works for nearly 15 years, has finally been completed

The Red Alert 2 fan expansion, which has been in the works for nearly 15 years, has finally been completed

After more than 15 years in development, the outstanding Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 fan addition ‘Mental Omega’ was finally released to the public. Red Alert 2’s storey will be “retold, expanded, and continued” in the project for one of the best real-time strategy games on PC. The campaign will include over 100 missions and a new faction.

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Red Alert 2: Mental Omega first appeared on ModDB in 2006 as one of the top mods of the year, and the crew has continued working on it ever since, with irregular updates being posted over the previous 15 years. Version 3.3 was the most recent major update released in 2016 and introduced a new faction called the Foehn Revolt, a more technologically oriented side in which the player’s character is artificial intelligence.

The last update for the expansion, version 3.3.6, is now ready for download, and it includes the final few missions for each of the four campaigns – Soviet, Allied, Yuri, and Foehn Revolt – and several bug fixes. There are 97 single-player missions, 36 co-op levels, and 22 challenge maps included in the expansion. There are upgraded visuals, new units, multiplayer functionality with CnCNet, and a new soundtrack – though it will be difficult to top the originals. There is also a new storey mode.

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In addition, according to main designer Speeder, the expansion already has 1251 concurrent gamers on CnCNet, which puts it higher than even the vanilla Yuri’s Revenge or Dune 2000 – which, remember, is the subject of a movie that is currently in production.

That being said, except the excellent Command & Conquer Remastered collection, there hasn’t been an official Red Alert game since Red Alert 3: Uprising in 2009, so Mental Omega is probably your best chance for scratching that Cold War itch if you’re a fan of the era’s military strategy games.