The Exiled Leader Escharum Threatens Master Chief in the Halo Infinite Trailer

The Banished leader Escharum threatens Master Chief in a new Halo Infinite clip released by 343 Industries and Microsoft.

The Halo Infinite campaign was met with mixed reactions when 343 Industries originally showed it. While it seems that many fans were interested in a Halo game with open-world gameplay components, many others were disappointed by the aesthetics and weren’t afraid to express their displeasure. The campaign for Halo Infinite became a meme, and the game, which was supposed to be the main launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X platform, was delayed for nearly a year, possibly in response to the outrage.

When it comes to the Halo Infinite storyline, 343 Industries went dark, focusing exclusively on multiplayer. That has changed recently, as 343 has begun to ratchet up its Halo Infinite promotion, recently releasing a campaign overview that gave gamers a detailed look at what the storey mode has in store for them. Following up on the narrative overview for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has published yet another trailer for the game, this time focusing on The Banished enemies and their commander, Escharum.

Escharum of The Banished faction threatens Master Chief in the suspenseful Halo Infinite video. “Humanity clings to the hope that a saviour will appear, a knight in shining armour, to save them. It is not going to happen. Armour can be shattered. Bodies that have been shattered. When you look back on these last several days, you’ll see that all you’ve accomplished is a mausoleum. “In the trailer, Escharum remarks. Escharum’s remarks are interlaced with clips of Master Chief donning his armour, hinting at the two characters’ future showdown.

It appears that 343 Industries is putting a lot of effort into promoting Escharum and establishing him as a danger to Master Chief, which could respond to some of the criticism levelled towards Halo 5: Guardians. The Halo 5 storey was criticised for presuming players knew about some of the extended universe Halo happenings and lacked a compelling antagonist character compared to prior Halo games.

When Master Chief and Escharum clash, it’ll be intriguing to see what happens, albeit Escharum isn’t the only adversary fans will confront in Halo Infinite. According to the campaign trailer, more adversaries will face Master Chief in Halo Infinite, albeit their names are unknown at the time of writing.

At this moment, the Halo Infinite release date is a little over a month away, so fans won’t have to wait long to learn what occurs in the campaign.

Halo Infinite will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on December 8th.

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