The 4K version of the best Star Wars trailer of all time is now available

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online game developed by BioWare, has been in operation for nearly 10 years, but for many Star Wars fans, it reached its zenith before the game’s great introduction trailer “Deceived” was released. With the release of the latest expansion for the MMO and the MMO’s tenth anniversary, BioWare has finally reuploaded the best Star Wars trailer of all time in magnificent 4K resolution.


“Deceived” was the official announcement trailer for The Old Republic, which premiered at E3 2009 to rousing applause and garnered widespread attention. The geniuses developed a CGI-only video with no in-game footage at Blur Studio, who also created the amazing trailer for the Fable remake, which featured a frog eating a fairy and is still the most we’ve seen of that game to this day.

For The Old Republic, Blur developed numerous outstanding CGI trailers, the most of which told the storey of the MMO’s most notorious villain, Darth Malgus – who is said to be making his final appearance in the game’s next expansion, Legacy of the Sith, due out this year.

BioWare has finally posted the “Deceived” clip in 4K resolution so that everyone can see what all the excitement is about. Malgus makes his first appearance in The Old Republic and quickly establishes himself as the game’s principal antagonist. It still looks fairly nice for 12-year-old computer-generated imagery, largely due to the direction of Blur Studio.


Although BioWare has stated that it has “no plans” to discontinue Star Wars: The Old Republic anytime soon, the game will most likely never live up to the epic promise of its original trailer, according to an interview with PC Gamer. Despite this, it has gained a significant number of players since its release on Steam last year, and the anticipation around the Knights of the Old Republic remake – to which The Old Republic is a sequel – can only help it survive for a longer period. Please pardon me while I go back and watch the trailer once again.

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