Shortcuts are Opening in Microsoft Word

Here we can see “Shortcuts are Opening in Microsoft Word

Computer usage varies by user, but all of them have in common that they use applications or a software program for routine tasks. For example, it is often an online browser to browse the planet Wide Web or a game you play for your leisure. But if the applications that make your computer operational pack up, it can increase an unpleasant experience and disrupt day-to-day activities. During this case, when files have their associations changed (e.g., a jpg file trying to open with Microsoft Word), it can become an actual mess trying to access those programs and files that the association has been corrupted. Usually, this happens thanks to the user incorrectly assigning a program to an incorrect file.


In this particular issue, all of your shortcuts are automatically configured to open with Microsoft Word, which changes the registry setting.

The chances are good that your small business handles tons of documents — most do. That’s why having the ability to access them as efficiently as possible is vital. For example, you almost certainly know a minimum of one or two ways to open Microsoft Word on your PC, but there are a couple of you who’ll not know.

1. Click the beginning button. Type “word” without quotation marks into the search box. Click “Microsoft Word 2010” within the list that appears.

2. Click the beginning button. Hover the mouse pointer over “All Programs.” Scroll right down to the Microsoft Office folder and click on it. Select “Microsoft Word 2010.”

3. Press the Windows key and “R” on the keyboard at an equivalent time to mention the Run dialogue. Type “WinWord.exe” without quotation marks into the box.

4. Right-click on an empty area of the Windows 7 desktop. Hover the mouse pointer over “New” within the menu that appears. Click “Shortcut.” Type or copy and paste “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\WINWORD.EXE” into the box. Click “Next.” Type “Word” into the box and click on “Finish.” Double-click the Word shortcut that appears on the desktop to launch Word.

5. Open an MS Word file on your computer by double-clicking it. If you’re asked to settle on an application to open the file with, select “Microsoft Word.” you’ll close the file you’ve got opened if you do not want to use it now and open another one instead.

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