Season 8 of Fortnite: How to Shakedown Opponents (Easy Method)

Season 8 of Fortnite: How to Shakedown Opponents (Easy Method)

This week, one of The Cube Queen’s objectives demands Fortnite players to shakedown two opponents, and here’s how to do it quickly.

This year’s Fortnite Halloween festival is still going strong, complete with weekly spooky-themed punchcard objectives, decorations on the battle royale island, and more. This week’s new questline comes from The Cube Queen herself, and it includes a handful of tasks for players to accomplish for extra XP. One of the tasks demands Fortnite players to shakedown an enemy opponent twice. Although this may appear to be a time-consuming task, there is a faster way to do this.

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In Fortnite, how to Shakedown Opponents

When a Fortnite player shoots down an opponent player, the latter falls to the ground and can be attacked again until they are defeated. A player can, however, approach the fallen player and push a button to execute a shakedown. This will allow the gamer to see the locations of the fallen player’s teammates for a short while. This also works against AI foes in Fortnite, such as the IO guards, and this is where the simple approach for completing the Cube Queen’s quest comes into play.

In Fortnite, there’s an easy way to take out two opponents.

While it is possible to shoot down other players and subsequently shake them down during a match, it is far easier to shake down some of the IO guards on the map. Players may easily take them down with equipped weaponry, which is usually nothing to be afraid about. There’s no need to worry about finding human opponents because the objective will still be completed if gamers shakedown IO guards.

There are various sites where IO guards can be found, but Catty Corner is a good place to find many of them. Players will come across an IO-guarded base if they travel southeast of the specified point of interest. Shakedown one of the guards and shoot one of them. Before completing a shakedown, it could be prudent to pick up an opponent and bring them to safety, as the other guards might start firing and disrupt the quest.

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After completing two shakedowns, players will finish the quest and move on to the rest of the Cube Queen’s trials.

Fortnite is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.