Safe Search Won’t Turn Off in Microsoft Edge and IE

Here we can see, “Safe Search Won’t Turn Off in Microsoft Edge and IE”

Safe Search filters out inappropriate web information. Although it used to be simple to disable or enable Safe Search in Internet Explorer, Windows 10 changed the default behaviour.

Safe Search cannot be disabled for some users due to a bug, kid account type, or browser configuration. The most common error message seen by users unable to stop SafeSearch is:

“We set SafeSearch to stringent because your browser requested a secure browsing experience.”

Some users have contacted us asking why they can’t stop Safe Search in Edge or IE. When this happens, the user cannot disable Safe for Bing, Google, or Yahoo. This includes Youtube and a few other content websites.

Most users say an Edge internal bug causes this issue, or the current account is set up as a child account with limited capabilities.

This post will let you disable Safe Search in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Please try the steps listed below in order until you find a solution to the Safe Search issue.


Method 1: Disable Safe Search in the Search Engine’s Options

Before we go any further, check if you’re trying to disable Bing’s SafeSearch feature from the right option. Because your browser no longer controls SafeSearch, you must visit the search engine’s home page to disable or enable it.

If you prefer another search engine, please follow their instructions.

Here’s how to turn on or off Bing SafeSearch for the Bing search engine:

  1. Navigate to in IE or Edge.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in, click the action button (top right) and select Settings.
  3. Go to Bing’s Settings and turn off SafeSearch in the Search section.
  4. Save the options and check if Safe Search is now disabled when using Bing.

Here’s how to disable Safe Search for Google:

  1. Open Google Search with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.
  2. Log in with your Google account and search.
  3. Turn off SafeSearch by clicking Settings above the search results.

If this method doesn’t work, try the next one.

Method 2: Install all Windows updates

If the first technique fails, rule out an internal problem. A few hotfixes have already addressed the inability to switch off Safe search in Windows 10.

If you can’t off Safe Search in Windows 10 due to a bug, simply installing all pending updates will fix the problem. Here’s how to apply all pending Windows updates:

  1. To run a programme, hit Windows + R. Press Enter to open the Windows Update tab in the Settings menu.
  2. On the Windows Update screen, select Check for updates and wait for the results.
  3. Once Windows has determined which updates need to be installed and in what order, start following the on-screen prompts. Depending on the number of outstanding updates, your PC may restart numerous times.
  4. Return to the Windows Update screen after each startup and install all pending updates.
  5. Restart after installing all updates. Try disabling Safe Search at the next startup. If the functionality still doesn’t turn off, try the following technique.

Method 3: Disabling Safe Search via the InPrivate mode

They did so by employing the InPrivate mode. If the Safe Search setting is set to Strict or Moderate, you can try changing it from the Edge browser’s InPrivate mode.

How to disable Safe Search in an InPrivate window of Microsoft Edge:

  1. To open an InPrivate window in Microsoft Edge, use Ctrl + Shift + P.
  2. Navigate to the search engine of your choosing and repeat Method 1 to disable Safe Search (while in an InPrivate window).
  3. If disabling Safe Search from an InPrivate window doesn’t work, try the last approach.


Method 4: New Windows user account

Some users have been able to disable Safe Search by creating a new Windows user account. Windows 10 can override Safe Search settings for search engines if the active account is a child of another.

In this instance, create a new user account with administrative rights. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. To open a new Run box, press Windows + R. Then type “netplwiz” and press Enter to access User Accounts.
  2. Expand the Users tab and click the Add button.
  3. To proceed, select Sign in without a Microsoft account.
  4. Then select Local Account and click Next.
  5. To finish, enter your account name and password again and click Next.
  6. After logging out or restarting your PC, sign in with your newly established user account to see if the Safe Search issue is resolved.

User Questions:

Why won’t SafeSearch go away?

If the instructions to disable SafeSearch don’t work for you, try these short fixes: You may have been on a “safe” network like a school or office where the policy enabled SafeSearch.

How can I turn off SafeSearch?

  1. Launch Google.
  2. More.
  3. Setup.
  4. Pick General.
  5. Toggle the SafeSearch filter off to disable this.
  6. On your Android device, Google
  7. Re-enable SafeSearch by tapping the SafeSearch filter toggle again.

Why is SafeSearch always on?

Your account, device, or network administrator may have disabled SafeSearch. Tip: To use your saved SafeSearch settings, sign in to your Google Account while searching on Google.


How to disable Windows SafeSearch?

  1. Click/tap the Search icon in Settings.
  2. On the left, click Permissions & History, and then on the right, select Strict, Moderate (default), or Off for the SafeSearch setting.
  3. After that, you can close Settings.

Bypass SafeSearch –

Go to the search engine you want to avoid. Click on “Advanced Search.” Find the “Safe Search” area. Turn off or don’t filter the safe search with this button. For some search engines, “Preferences” replaces “Advanced Search.”

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