Prepaid SIM Card Georgia

Prepaid SIM Card Georgia

Here we can see “Prepaid SIM Card Georgia

What is the Procedure for Activating a Magti SIM Card?

Type *180# to activate the service.

In Georgia, How can I get a SIM Card?

You only need a passport and a working phone to get a Georgian SIM card, so you can double-check everything on the spot. They will need to jot down some basic information from your passport, you will need to sign the documents, and then you will be able to use your mobile internet in Georgia in a matter of minutes.

Magti Tbilisi Airport

At the airport’s arrivals area, SIM cards from all of the major networks are available. Magti and Geocell are the two primary networks. Geocell appears to have the most bundles, particularly if you want to use your phone for data.

In 2021, where can I acquire a Georgia sim card at Tbilisi Airport?

As soon as you exit the arrivals area, you will see all of the cell phone stores right in front of you. In Georgia, there are three mobile operators, each with a store at the airport. Beeline is directly in front of you, Magti is to your right, and Geocell is to the left of the exit.

Magti Georgia is located on your right as you exit the arrivals area. The two ladies at the counter were a little sleepy this early in the morning, but they handed me a sheet with all of Georgia’s accessible tourist sim cards.

Every Magti sim card for travellers includes calls within Georgia and 30 minutes of international calling.

How can I activate Magti’s roaming mode?

The Magti roaming service allows you to stay connected at all times and in any location. The MyMagti App or the code *137# OK can be used to enable or disable internet service. Before dialling any country code or number, dial *123*.


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