Like Overwatch’s Escort, FFXIV’s new PvP mode is more casual

In a previous announcement, Square Enix stated that the next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter stream, hosted by producer Naoki Yoshida, would include information on the game’s new “casual-oriented” PvP mode, and they have delivered on that promise with the reveal of Crystal Conflict – which will be included in patch 6.1.


In Crystal Conflict, two teams of five players compete against one other to move a massive crystal in the centre of the map to their scoring area in the opposing team’s base as quickly as they can. Similar to Overwatch’s payload in Escort mode, although on a smaller scale and with more simple maps. However, there will be traps and gimmicks on the map, as demonstrated by a large Bomberman-style explosion during the stream.

In Crystal Conflict, there is no distinction between roles and levels, and the developers state that the game is intended to be “played casually.” Therefore, casual, Ranked, and Custom matches will still be available, as well as skill-based matchmaking and a series of brief Seasons that will take place in between major releases. In exchange for growing their series EXP, players will be rewarded with various goods such as gear, mounts, and other stuff — and tokens gained will transfer over to future seasons, so if you don’t like the goodies, you can save them for the next set of incentives.


Crystal Conflict will be released alongside the new Endwalker expansion, also announced during the webcast but will not be released until December. At the very least, a new spearfishing minigame will be added to the game’s roster.

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