How to utilise NetPath with Network Performance Monitor on your network

How to utilise NetPath with Network Performance Monitor on your network

Here we can see, “How to utilise NetPath with Network Performance Monitor on your network”

Keeping track of your network requires mapping it. This software offers its own set of features and benefits. Network maps are excellent for getting a general overview of the network, but they aren’t always enough. Monitoring a huge network becomes more difficult since you must ensure that everything operates well at all times. Network failures and performance issues are just unacceptable in today’s digital environment, especially if you are a large corporation facing stiff competition.

Thus, network engineers prioritize improving network equipment and monitoring sophisticated networks. NetPath is a Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor (download here) that enables real-time network visibility. As a result, the network performance is monitored, and the problematic link or node is isolated.

What is NetPath?

NetPath creates a network map using distributed analysis and monitoring. NetPath is a network analysis tool that complements traceroute. It operates by installing user-like agents on your Windows machine. These agents now employ enhanced probing to uncover network traffic and the network path they take to reach endpoint devices, access points, or destination nodes.

Each node-to-node connection is then evaluated based on its set performance characteristics. This is followed by a clear map that displays how your apps are provided to users or network traffic, as well as clear visibility of your whole network path.

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Prerequisite: Before continuing, ensure your network has Solarwinds NPM installed. We have a full NPM review demonstrating why NPM is an industry favorite for network monitoring/management.

If your network doesn’t have Network Performance Monitor, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Go to the Monitor Network Performance with NPM article to learn how to install the tool. After that, you’re ready to go.

Service in NetPath

To use NetPath on your network, first establish an NPM service. Create a service for the most critical applications on your network. Services are mapped destinations. The Orion Platform automatically deploys probes on each polling engine to monitor these services. For example, here’s how:

  1. Login to Orion’s web console
  2. Locate NetPath Services under the Network header in the My Dashboard drop-down menu. It takes you to the NetPath Services tab.
  3. To create a new service, click the Create New Service button.
  4. Specify the target application’s service information. Assume the service is TCP.
  5. Give the hostname or IP address, then the port. It is suggested that you use the same login information as the users. Specify a hostname if users access the application via a hostname and an IP address if users access the program via an IP address. This gives NetPath the same service as users.
  6. Then enter the probing interval in min. A probing interval of 10 minutes is advised.
  7. Next to continue.
  8. Select a probe from the list provided or build a new probe (discussed down below).
  9. To create a service, click Create.

Adding a NetPath Probe

As stated previously, probes are used to monitor services. Orion automatically installs a probe on each polling engine, but you can also design your own. A probe is a path or source from which you test an application. It’s a user representative. A probe is always a Windows machine. It is advised to place probes near users. So, here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to My Dashboards > Network > NetPath Services.
  2. Click the addition (+) sign in front of the service list to add a probe.
  3. Then select Create New Probe.
  4. Fill out the fields on the Create New Probe window. This comprises the login credentials for the computer and the program installation.
  5. After that, click Create to continue.
  6. Select the probe from the list and click Assign.

Network Path Viewing

You may now inspect your network path after installing NPM and creating a NetPath service. The source is on the left, and the destination is on the right. Check the network path by:

> Network > NetPath Services. This will show all of your network services.

Select a service from the list and then click on one of the assigned probes to inspect the network path.

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User Questions:

What is NetPath?

> Network > NetPath Services. Select New Service. Enter the service details of your network path’s destination. It must be TCP-based.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor: How it Works

SolarWinds is a renowned global provider of IT management software. One of the company’s primary products is Network Performance Monitor. This system monitors the health of networked devices. Discovers network devices and deploys in around one hour.

What is SolarWinds NetPath?

NetPath measures the performance of each network node and link, detecting slowdowns. NetPath analyses user connectivity to services, infrastructure in the way, and traffic slowdowns.

The Net Path

NetPathTM shows the performance of devices both inside and outside your network. NetPath captures performance measurements and network connectivity details between source and destination nodes, allowing you to see a user’s end-to-end performance.

My SolarWinds probe isn’t working.

  • Download Agent/Probe > Actions
  • Select a client or site from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Windows Probe link under System Agent/Probe.
  • To install the probe, run the installer and follow the instructions.