How to use Kiwi Cat Tools to backup your PC to a network?

Here we can see, “How to use Kiwi Cat Tools to backup your PC to a network?”

To backup, your PC to a network using Kiwi Cat Tools, read on. Kiwi Cat Tools is a network management tool developed by Solarwinds, an American firm.


To begin backing up your data, we must first download and install Kiwi Cat Tools. Use this link to acquire a 14-day free trial of the software. Open it, fill in the fields, and save it. Do the following:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to your desktop.
  2. Go to the folder where you extracted the zip file.
  3. Setup.
  4. Follow the steps to install the tool.
  5. It will ask you whether to install the utility as a service or an application. Each selection provides relevant information.
  6. Wait for the end.
  7. After that, check the ‘Run CatTools’ box.
  8. Then click Finish.

Using Kiwi Cat Tools to Backup Your PC

Now that the tool is installed, it’s time to back up your data. The method is easy. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you step-by-step. Follow the offered instructions one by one to avoid missing anything.


Adding a Device

Adding a device is the first step. The additional devices are kept in the Cat tools database. How to add a device:

  1. When you start Kiwi Cat Tools, a Setup wizard appears. This wizard creates a device. Next.
  2. Now you will see a field list.
  3. You must enter the router’s manufacturer here (keep it on All Vendors). Then select your device type from the list.
  4. Then name the Device whatever you like. Unique and non-repetitive names
  5. For the Host address, insert your router’s gateway. Open a command prompt and type ipconfig. You want the Default gateway.
  6. Then name the router file.
  7. The model of your router is optional.
  8. In the Method box, select a different connection method from the list.
  9. After filling in all the details, ping your Device to test the connection.
  10. Next.
  11. Now you must provide the login credentials for the Device you added.
  12. Then click Next.

Adding a Task

Now that you’ve added your gadget, we’ll need to schedule some tasks for it. In other words, it does something for your other devices. So let’s keep on and implement a data backup activity.

  1. After adding a device, you will be taken to the activities section.
  2. Select Device from the activity types list.
  3. FTP backup
  4. Then label the activity so that you can remember it later. You can also describe it.
  5. Leave Persistence on Permanent for a permanent action. You can also edit it.
  6. Choose a location for the report files (these are .txt files that contain information once the tool performs a task against your Device).
  7. Keep Client Threads at a Maximum to speed up the tool.
  8. Then click Next.
  9. After selecting Next, you’ll be prompted for the task’s start time and day. You can choose it. Once done, click Next.
  10. Click Next after selecting the Device for the activity.
  11. In the Current file box, select the file to backup.
  12. Then select the file to compare it against. If the files change, the old file is transferred to Dated Configs, and the new file becomes the current file.
  13. You can also add optional commands, which are detailed here.
  14. You can choose whether or not the tool sends you an email when files update.
  15. Then click Next.

Setting Up Notifications

It also has a notification system. It will alert you when an activity fails, provide you with reports, or when files are modified. You can customize the files to send different types of notifications to different emails.

User Questions:

Adding devices to CatTools

Select the Devices to tab in CatTools’ device pane and click Add. You must complete the Device Information wizard’s five (or six) tabs to add a new device.


Kiwi CatTools

SolarWinds Kiwi CatTools is a network automation tool that controls router, switch, and firewall configurations. It helps network administrators operate more efficiently by scheduling automatic backups and simultaneously updating various devices.

How to set up Kiwi CatTools?

  1. Please log in to the Customer Portal. To create a SolarWinds account, see Access the Customer Portal.
  2. Navigate to Kiwi CatTools under Recent Downloads.
  3. Select Download.

NCM in OpManager

The OpManager Network Configuration Manager (NCM) add-on helps schedule backups, perform and track configuration changes, and verify network device compliance. Automate network tasks and configure several devices at once.

What is Kiwi Syslog?

For network and systems experts, SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog® Server is an affordable solution. It gets syslog and SNMP traps from network devices and Linux/Unix hosts. Kiwi Syslog Server includes built-in actions to handle syslog messages.

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