How to Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds Using Google

Here we can see “How to Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds Using Google

Google is effectively working towards making life on this planet easier for everybody, and as of earlier this month, Google has come up with a neat little treat for folks looking to teach their toddlers. Google Search can now be wont to teach kids about the various sounds that different animals make. Whenever someone searches for the sound that an animal makes on Google – “meow”, for instance – the program now displays, at the highest of the results page, an illustration of the animal that creates the sound, its name, a sample recording containing the noise it makes and suggestions for more animal sounds. The sample recording containing the sound that a selected animal makes are often played by clicking on the blue speaker icon.


This new Google search feature is additionally triggered when someone queries the program on what sound a selected animal makes. For instance, check out “What does a cat say?” or “cat sound” is sure to do the trick.

According to reports and tests, the program currently hosts a complete of 19 animal sounds. These are the sounds of the subsequent animals: zebra, ape, cat, lion, moose, owl, pig, cow, duck, elephant, horse, raccoon, bowhead, humpback, wolf, rooster, sheep, tiger and turkey.

Google didn’t make an enormous distribution of this new feature – something that’s not entirely unprecedented, especially with a number of the more minor improvements and features that Google rolls out. However, Google did publish a post dedicated to the present new feature and its specifics on the Google Austria blog, which may be found here.

Although this new feature isn’t likely to interrupt the web, it’s certainly a tool that will make it much easier for folks to teach their kids within the sounds that a number of the foremost common animals that live among us make.


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