How to Sync Your Chromebook Downloads Folder with Google Drive

How to Sync Your Chromebook Downloads Folder with Google Drive

Here we can see “How to Sync Your Chromebook Downloads Folder with Google Drive

If you own a Chromebook, you almost certainly have all your documents and media on the cloud. With Chrome OS, Google wanted us to urge won’t to living off the cloud. The Downloads folder within the Files app is the only thanks to accessing local storage on Chrome OS. It’s also the default location for Chrome downloads (duh). Today, we are getting to attempt to synchronize the Downloads folder to Google Drive so that all of your downloaded files are protected on Google Drive. But wait, why can we want to maneuver the sole localized folder on your Chromebook to the cloud? Here’s why:-

Chromebooks have a reputation for shallow space for storage. Chrome OS stops functioning correctly when the 16/32 GB of local storage starts getting on the brink of the limit. For an in-depth list of problems with less disc space, click here.

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It is pretty easy for anyone to accidentally format (or power-wash in Chrome OS lingo) the Chromebook, erasing all of your local data. For people with developer mode, formatting takes the press of one button on the startup screen.

Files within the local Downloads folder can’t be searched through the inbuilt Google search box. However, if you haven’t tried checking out files from the search box, you ought to. For more search box features, look here.

Now that you’re concerned about the local Downloads folder, you’ll be delighted to understand that the procedure to line up a Downloads folder synced with Drive is pretty simple:-

Create a replacement Drive Downloads folder

  • Open the Files app on your Chromebook, and navigate to My Drive. When you’re there, create a replacement folder called Drive Downloads. Then, press CTRL + E to make a replacement folder.
  • Pin the new folder to the sidebar
  • Once your folder is made, right-click thereon. Then, from the context menu, click on Create shortcut.
  • Your new Drive Downloads folder should now appear slightly below the Downloads folder within the sidebar of the Files app.

Change Chrome’s default download location

  • On the right side of the shelf at rock bottom, there’s an options menu where you’ll access Wi-fi and Bluetooth options, among other things. Go there and follow these steps –
  • In the options menu, click on Settings.
  • Scroll right down to rock bottom of the window and click on Show advanced settings
  • In the advanced settings, you’ll find the Downloads category. From there, change the download location to the new Drive Downloads folder that you created.
  • Alternatively, you’ll also prefer to ask where to save lots of each file before downloading. This feature gives you the liberty to settle on where to download each file individually. The advantage of this feature is that you can download essential documents on the Drive folder and enormous media files on the local Downloads folder.
  • That’s it. You now have a Downloads folder synced with Google Drive. Congratulations on not losing your downloads and having to look for all of them over the web ever again.
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