How to Solve Firefox’s Display of Incorrect Bookmark Favicons

How to Solve Firefox's Display of Incorrect Bookmark Favicons

Here we can see, “How to Solve Firefox’s Display of Incorrect Bookmark Favicons”

Some Firefox users have reported seeing the erroneous favicon for each site they have bookmarked. For example, the browser shows a YouTube favicon (or something else). The issue appears to be cross-platform, as reported on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

What’s up with Firefox’s favicons?

We looked at this issue by looking at many user reports and common repair methods for Windows machines. This particular issue happens for numerous reasons:

  • An add-on hijacked favicons – Several add-ons have been known to replace the favicons with other icons. Affected users typically experience Snooze Tabs. In this situation, removing the add-on and deleting the favicons.sqlite file will solve the, and SQLiteOld.
  • Firefox – This issue is caused by a persistent bug partially resolved in version 58. Updating to the latest version should resolve the issue. If your favicons are broken, you’ll need to use alternative methods to fix them.
  • The favicons.sqlite file in Firefox is corrupted – When your Firefox favicons break, the issue is usually with a file that handles all favicons in the browser. Delete the favicons.sqlite file to compel the browser to regenerate it, resetting all favicons.
  • Web cached material is corrupted – Firefox may cache an older version of the favicon, even if it has been changed. In this scenario, you can either clear your web cache to compel your browser to redownload them or use the Browser console.
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Method 1: Update Firefox

One of the oldest issues with the browser. Several Firefox releases have provided a solution for this issue. However, it persists for certain users on the current builds. However, since the issue has been resolved, you should first check that you’re running the newest Firefox release. With release 58, the developers claim to have fixed most known cases of this issue.

If your favicons are already screwed up, this won’t fix anything, but it will prevent it from happening again. Here’s how to update Firefox quickly:

  1. Click the action button in the top right of Firefox.
  2. Then, from the newly-added menu, choose Help > About Firefox.
  3. Wait for the update to download, then click Restart to update Firefox to start the update process.
  4. After the update, restart your computer to see if the problem has been repaired.

If you already have the latest version of Firefox or this approach didn’t work, continue to the next procedure.

Method 2: Adding a ‘/’ behind the link

Adding an at the end of the URL before accessing it resolved the issue for many impacted people. Hoverer, some users noted that the issue returned several days later.

Assume the favicon for is broken. Enter in the navigation bar to refresh the symbol. Replace the icon as soon as the website loads.

If this procedure doesn’t work or you want a more permanent solution, continue reading.

Method 3: Delete the favicons.sqlite file

The easiest and most effective way is to close Firefox and travel to the AppData folder, find your profile folder, and delete the file favicons.sqlite.

This forces Firefox to produce a fresh favicon.sqlite file upon startup. After this process, all of your bookmarks will have a generic favicon. After visiting a bookmark, the icon changes to the site’s favicon.

Delete the favicons.sqlite file to repair the issue:

  1. Close Firefox and any associated add-ins.
  2. Go to the following location in File Explorer:

3. Search for favicons.sqlite in your Firefox profile (top right).

4. When the file is found, right-click it and select Delete.

5. After deleting the file, restart Firefox to allow the browser to create a new favicon.sqlite file.

6. Now all your bookmarks have a generic favicon. Click on each bookmark to fix it. When the website is accessed, the right favicon is displayed.

If the issue persists, continue to the next method.

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Method 4: Clearing web cache

Another solution is to clear Firefox’s web cache. Like the first way, this forces it to redownload the favicons. Several impacted individuals indicated that this procedure helped them permanently resolve the issue.

Here’s how to empty Firefox’s web cache to fix the favicon issue:

  1. Close all Firefox tabs except one.
  2. Click the action button in the upper right corner of the screen, then pick Options.
  3. Select Privacy & Security from the left-hand menu. Then, in the Cookies and Site Data menu, select Clear Data.
  4. Uncheck the box next to Cookies and Site Data and check the one next to Cached Web Content.
  5. Hit Clear to start clearing up your online content data.
  6. Restart your browser to check if that helps.

If you still have issues or want to change your favicons manually, continue to the next procedure.

Method 5: Modifying favicons in Firefox

You can make Firefox think all your favicons have expired and update them automatically if your situation is slightly different. Several afflicted customers stated that this solution fixed the favicon issue in Firefox.

What you must do:

  1. To access Firefox’s experimental settings, launch Firefox and type “about:config” into the menu bar.
  2. When prompted, select I accept the risk!
  3. Search for “” in the search bar.
  4. Once identified, double-click to set it to true.
  5. Exit Firefox’s Advanced Settings and click the action button in the top right. Then select Browser Console from the Web Developer menu.
  6. Paste the following code into the browser console and press Enter to register it:
var fS = Components.classes[";1"] .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIFaviconService); fS.expireAllFavicons();

7. Visit the bookmarks that previously failed to refresh. The issue should be resolved now, and the new icons should appear upon page load.

If this method didn’t work for you or you want to fix your Firefox favicon manually, continue to the next step below.

Method 6: Manually Solve the favicons

  1. Take care to save your changes to the previously exported Bookmarks page.
  2. Import and Backup > Import Bookmarks from HTML
  3. Open the previously edited page.

User Questions:

What is the procedure for resetting my favicon bookmark?

All you have to do is navigate to, where you will see the old cached icon; press the refresh key (ctrl+R) or the F5 key to see the new icon are done.

What is the procedure for changing the bookmark favicon in Firefox?

  • Begin by launching Firefox and visiting the relevant pages. The favicon will be updated as a result of this action.
  • There is a solution that is compatible with all browsers: navigate to on your website (works for localhost as well)
  • Restart the browser by pressing the Ctrl + F5 keyboard shortcut (for most browsers) or manually.

What is the best way to customize the bookmark icons in Chrome?

Go to the website that you want to bookmark and fill out the form. If you already have it bookmarked, you may open it in a new tab. Then, in Chrome, select “Favicon Changer” from the drop-down menu. Choose whether you want to alter the favicon for the entire site or just for that specific page in this section.

What is the best way to acquire bookmark icons on Firefox?

  • To access the Library menu, either click on the bookshelf symbol in the Navigation Toolbar or select it from the drop-down list of the “3-bar” Firefox menu button drop-down list.
  • Select Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Bookmarking Tools,” then “Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar” to add the bookmarks menu to the toolbar.
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What is the best way to cause the favicon to refresh?

In your browser, please navigate to the file at and click on it. Remove the favicon from your website.

If you perform the following actions in the current version of Chrome (on OSX), you will receive an instant favicon refresh:

  1. Hover your cursor over the tab.
  2. Click with the right mouse button.
  3. Select the reload option.
  4. Your website’s favicon should now be updated.