How to Fix a Blank or White Screen in Firefox

How to Fix a Blank or White Screen in Firefox

Here we can see, “How to Fix a Blank or White Screen in Firefox”

Got a Firefox white screen?

Users asked why we got a blank or white screen on Firefox!

Malware like Trojans, rogue security programmes, and spyware create blank displays in Firefox. Display issues can lead to malware hijacking a browser and rogue security issues due to unwanted website redirection. This problem has been reported after upgrading to Windows 10.

This blog explains how to fix Firefox blank screen difficulties step by step.

White Screen on Firefox – Causes

Your Firefox browser is unusable due to a white screen. So, learn why we get a white screen in Firefox.

  • Malware or virus programmes corrupted the Firefox settings.
  • Blank screen when the hardware is incompatible.
  • After updating Windows 10.
  • A recent Firefox update fixed an issue.
  • A full cache or cookies cause this error.
  • Update or installation issues
  • A bad internet connection may cause a dark screen.
  • Incompatible browsers
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Blank or White Screen in Firefox

It’s true. We perceive signs or symptoms before a problem. Let’s see what the Firefox white screen indicates.

  1. A blank screen appears when you try to open a page.
  2. Whenever you try to load a web page
  3. Other browsers (Chrome or IE) work properly instead of Firefox.

Fix Firefox Blank or White Screen

Installing or upgrading plugins might create a white screen on Firefox. To learn more about these fixes, scroll down.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Disabling hardware acceleration may help solve the issue. Maybe this solution will make your browser operate again.

To do so;

  • Open Firefox -> Menu -> Options -> Select “Advanced” -> Use Hardware Acceleration if Available
  • Restart your Firefox browser to test whether it works.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode

To use Firefox in safe mode,

  • Firefox -> Settings -> Help -> “Restart with Add-ons Disabled” -> Click Restart -> Select “Start in Safe Mode” from the pop-up menu.

Delete Firefox Cache

  • Clearing the cache in Firefox may help. How to clear the cache.
  • Options > Advanced > Network > Web caching -> Now


  • Press the “Library” icon in Firefox, then “History” and “Clear Recent History”. Moreover, select “Clear Time Range” -> Select things to clear -> OK.

Update Firefox

  • An outdated version may cause browser issues. One of the issues is the Firefox white screen.


  • Click on three dots in Firefox -> Click’ Help’ from the Menu list. ‘Firefox’ -> Firefox checks for updates and downloads them.
  • Restart your PC to take effect.

Disable Firefox Add-ons and Extensions

Incompatible add-ons might cause a white screen on Firefox. Thus removing them is the best solution.

  1. Open Firefox and select “Add-ons” from the menu options in the left-hand corner of Firefox.
  2. Extensions -> Add-ons choices
  3. Disable or uninstall each extension individually.
  4. Restart Firefox and see if the issue is resolved.

Hopefully, the solutions above will help you fix Firefox blank screen issues. If you still have issues or inquiries, please get in touch with us!

User Questions:

Why is my screen white?

Plugins frequently cause white screens. A plugin that you installed, upgraded, or used right before the white screen issue could have caused the issue. If the plugin produced the white screen, deactivating it should restore normalcy to your site.

How can I stop Firefox from loading a white screen?

Regrettably, Firefox glows white before loading. How can we stop it? Enable the dark reader add-on. In a new tab, search for anything, and the screen will flash white before loading results.

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Why a white screen?

It’s also cheaper than shooting on a green screen, which requires more lighting, takes longer to set up, and takes longer to edit. Filming on white allows you to adjust a project’s budget.

Why does a website give me a blank screen?

Web browsers save a lot of data when you browse the internet. As a result, your browser may be clogged with unwanted cookies and other website data. After logging in, the DreamBox interface may display blank or pure blue.


Malware like Trojans, rogue security programmes, and spyware can cause blank display issues with Firefox. In addition to display issues, some malware has been found to divert users to websites that offer rogue security software.