How to Create GIFs and Capture GIFs from Videos

Here we can see “How to Create GIFs and Capture GIFs from Videos

Screen To Gif maybe a completely free utility available for nearly all currently used versions of the Windows OS. It will be wont to record whatever you are doing on your computer’s screen and switch it into a Gif – or, if you would like, into a video file. Screen To Gif is one of the foremost popular Gif recording tools out there, and it also happens to be among the foremost advanced and feature-rich ones. To top it all off, Screen To Gif is as light and portable as a screen recording application could be, taking over an utterly insignificant amount of hard disc space and not in the least being a drain on your computer’s RAM while it runs.

Once you download, install then launch Screen To Gif, you’ll be presented with the choice to launch one among four parts of the utility – the Recorder, the Webcam, the Board and therefore, the Editor.


If you would like to urge to record what you are doing on your screen directly, click on Recorder, and Screen To Gif will open a transparent window that you can resize and move around to encompass the world of your screen that you want to record. Then, you’ll Start, Pause and Continue the recording or start over if you don’t like what’s being recorded. Once done, click on Stop, and therefore, the utility will stop recording your screen and take you to the Editor, where you’ll freely edit the recording you have made.

Using the Editor included in Screen To Gif, you’ll add anything from text, subtitles and watermarks to title frames, borders, drawings and filters to your recordings. In addition, you’ll use the Editor to crop and resize frames and even delete individual frames you don’t like or add individual frames to your recording. Explicitly showing what’s happening in your recording isn’t in the least a drag with Screen To Gif because it provides you with the choice to possess your system cursor (and everything that it does during the recording) visible throughout the whole recording. Once through with the Editor, click on Save as Gif, Save as Video or Save as Project (whichever you want) within the File tab, specify a directory for the media to be saved in, then save the recording in your required format.

To view a Gif that you have created using Screen To Gif, you’ll get to open it in an online browser if you do not have a Gif player installed on your computer. Without the shadow of a doubt, Screen To Gif is well worth the download because it is compact, easy to use, and has every single feature that you could want during a screen recording application. you’ll download Screen To Gif from here:


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