How to change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10

How to change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10

Here we can see “How to change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10

Is there any thanks to changing desktop icon spacing in Windows 10? the way to increase or decrease desktop icon spacing on Windows 10? Are you confused about this question? Don’t worry! This tutorial will guide you on ways to vary Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10 intimately. After reading this text, you’ll change the desktop icon spacing only with three simple steps!

Attentions: Desktop icon spacing features a default value for both horizontal and vertical spacing. The default value is -1125. The parameter of icon spacing ranges from -480 to -2730. So you’ll select any value within this range as you would like.

1. Three Steps to vary Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10

Step 1. Press Windows + R simultaneously, then a replacement window is opened. Type “regedit” within the blank, and click on the button OK.

Step 2. Navigate to the subsequent location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Control Panel> Desktop> WindowMetrics

To change desktop icon horizontal spacing, double click IconSpacing to switch the worth. You’ll choose any value from -480 to -2730 (-480 represents the minimum and -2780 represents the maximum). Then tap OK.

To change desktop icon vertical spacing, double click IconVerticalSpacing. You’ll set any value between -480 to -2730 an equivalent way. Tap OK to save changes.

Step 3. sign off or restart the pc. The changes would be made to the icons on the desktop.

Tips: you’ll set a different value for the vertical and, therefore, the horizontal icon spacing from -480 to -2730 consistent with your preference, as you’ll want broader or narrower icon space between the rows or columns. You’ll try a couple of more times to urge your ideal desktop icon spacing.

2. Extensions: Two Ways to Resize Desktop Icons

Do you want to form your desktop icon larger or smaller? Two ways here assist you in resizing your desktop icons easily.

Way 1. Right, kick space on the desktop. Next, select View and choose Large icons, Medium icons, or Small icons. The default one is Medium icons.

Way 2. Suitable kick space on the desktop. Select View and tick Auto arrange icons. Next, press Ctrl, then slide the mouse’s roller (more extensive forward, smaller backward).

Tips: If you do not tick Auto arrange icons initially when desktop icons are resized, the arrangement of desktop icons will be disordered.

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