Honor Play 4 Pro Measure fever with your smartphone

Honor Play 4 Pro Measure fever with your smartphone

Here we can see “Honor Play 4 Pro Measure fever with your smartphone”

1. You’ll measure your blood heat with Honor Play 4 Pro


Honor Play 4 Pro can check the human temperature for Fever. … believable with the launch of a smartphone that will measure blood heat.

2. Honor Play 4 Pro Smartphone Doubles As Contactless


The Honor Play 4 Pro, available in China, has an infrared sensor for measuring temperature located on the device’s rear.

3. You’ll measure your blood heat with Honor Play 4 Pro


The coronavirus pandemic affects everyone and each aspect of life. As humans suits wearing masks publicly, following social …

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4. The way to Take Your Temperature With Honor Play 4 | DroidViews


What’s more, you’ll check your blood heat repeatedly using the … The new smartphone, which is dubbed the Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro,

5. The respect Play, 4 Smartphone Will, accompany A Body


This will inherit the shape of a non-contact infrared temperature measurement tool that has the power to live the user’s blood heat …

6. Huawei ‘Honor Play 4 Pro’ to live blood heat 


Huawei, the Chinese smartphone Manufacturer Company, has launched a replacement Honor Play 4 Pro smartphone that features a temperature measurement feature …

7. Honor Play 4 Pro: Huawei features a Smartphone that Takes your


The temperature check doesn’t substitute for a coronavirus test, but it can test for a fever, which may present as a symbol for the virus. The …

8. Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro are often used for contactless


Huawei’s subsidiary Honor’s latest phone features a built-in infrared temperature sensor. But, unfortunately, Fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, …

9. Honor Play 4 Will accompany Infrared Camera to live 


Honor Play 4 and Honor Play 4 Pro, both the phones also are teased to support 5G connectivity. · Sudden rise in blood heat is often early …

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10. Honor Play 4 Official Pro: This smartphone is capable of taking 


The Honor Play 4 Pro can measure your blood heat, Honor product manager Wei Xiaolong proudly … Fever is among the foremost common symptoms of Covid-19.

11. Huawei’s temperature-taking smartphone is that the most 2020


An IR temperature sensor lets a smartphone do fever screening for … like all other phones in Huawei’s “Honor” line, the Play 4 Pro is …

12. Honor Play 4 Pro: Huawei features a Smartphone that Takes your


Honor Play 4 Pro: Huawei features a Smartphone that Takes your Temperature … ready to “measure the surface temperature of individuals and objects.