Google Play Error BM-PPH-10

Here we can see, “Google Play Error BM-PPH-10”

  • Confirm your information in Google Wallet Settings. Please make sure they’re correct; one missing piece of information could be the culprit!
  • Continue after saving. If the problem persists, try using Google Play. I recommend that you put another card in your wallet and update it.

If the problem persists,

  • By going to, you can access your Google Wallet account.
  • “Payment method” is located on the left-hand side. You’ll find fields for your “Address” and “Credit Card” in this section. After clicking “More,” you’ll see a new “Address” section. Put the same address in the “Payment method” section as you did before.
  • On the top right-hand side, there is also a gear icon. These are the parameters. Click it and type in the same address.
  • You likely live at a different address in one of the locations listed above. You will no longer have the problem once you have fixed this.
  • You should also clear data in Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and Google Services Framework once this is done. After you’ve cleared your data, reboot your phone and try purchasing again.


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User Questions:

What should I do if I get a Google Play error?

  1. Examine your available storage space.
  2. Make sure your data connection is working.
  3. Examine your SD card.
  4. Clear Download Manager’s cache and data.
  5. Clear Google Play Services cache and data.
  6. Updates from the Play Store should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  7. Make sure your Android system is up to date.
  8. Remove your Google account from your device and re-add it.

What is the meaning of a Google Play error?

When downloading apps or games from Google Play, the official Android store for apps, games, movies, and more, you may encounter errors. If your device, internet connection, or Google Play Services malfunction, you’ll get Google Play Store errors.

Why isn’t Google Play available?

Clearing the Google Play Store and Google Play Services caches should be your first line of defence. Updates to the Google Play Store can also be uninstalled and reinstalled. Also, make sure your Android device is running the most recent software available.

Why is it that my Google Play store says I don’t have an Internet connection?

The Google Play Store app on your Android device saves cache data, which could be one of the reasons you can’t connect to Google servers with the app and keep getting the “No connection – Retry” error message.

What happens if I force Google Play Store to shut down?

The Google Play Store does not allow you to download or install apps or games. Google Play does not allow you to download music, movies, TV shows, or other media. The Google Play Store app will not open or load, and if it does, it will crash.

What happens if I delete my Google Play account data?

Clearing the cache will remove any temporary Google Play files from your device while clearing the data will remove any personal settings. You can clear both when troubleshooting a problem. Any apps or other programmes you have downloaded will not be deleted if you clear your Google Play cache and data.

How do I reinstall Google Play?

You can use the APK file to reinstall the Google Play Store if you originally installed it from the APK file. Use a reputable source such as to download Google Play Store. The Google Play Store will reappear on your Android phone after it has been successfully installed.


Is it safe to delete data from the Google Play Store?

The apps on your phone, as well as their data, will remain unaffected when you clear data for Google Play Store. Because Play Store uses a Google account, which can be found in Settings > Accounts, you won’t be logged out. Clearing the data from the Play Store or any other Google app will not delete or unlink the Google account.

Is it possible to turn off Google Play?

If you want to remove Google Play Store from your phone, you’ll need to root it; it’s the only way to do so. It allows you to gain access to the Android system as a Super Administrator User, allowing you to do anything, including uninstalling apps.

Where did Google Play go?

The app will be retired by Google and replaced by the YouTube Music app, available for a few years. It’s simple to transfer your files, playlists, and other data from Google Play Music to the new service and to keep your paid subscription if you have one.

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