Folder Merge Conflicts

Folder Merge Conflicts

Here we can see “Folder Merge Conflicts

When you copy or move a folder to a destination that already contains a folder with an equivalent name, you’ll get a folder merge conflict for a Confirm Folder Replace dialogue to verify merging it with the folder at the destination.

Folder merge conflicts are hidden by default in Windows 10.

Folder Merge Conflict in Windows 10

To show or hide Folder Merge Conflicts during a Move or Copy operation in Windows 10:

  1. Open Folder Options
  2. Click on the View tab
  3. Locate Hide folder merge conflicts
  4. Check or uncheck this feature as per your wish
  5. Click Apply/OK and Exit.

To configure or change this feature, you’ll need to open the Folder Options and click on the View tab. Here you’ll see a replacement option – Hide folder merge conflicts. This wasn’t present in Windows 7.

By default, Windows 10 has kept this feature checked. However, the warning box won’t be displayed in this case if there’s a folder with an equivalent name at the destination.

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Windows 10 won’t invite confirmation if a folder with an equivalent name also exists within the destination location. However, by default, the folder’s contents will be merged into the ‘destination’ folder.

However, the warning prompts for file conflicts will still be displayed should the folders contain files with identical names.

Suppose you uncheck the choice Hide folder merge conflicts and click on Apply. In that case, once you move a folder with an equivalent name into the destination folder, which incorporates another folder with an equivalent name, you’ll get to ascertain a warning panel for folder conflicts too.

By offering this feature and keeping it pre-checked by default, Windows 10 does away with any unnecessary warning box and yet provides users with the choice to vary the default, consistent with their preference.

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