Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been postponed until December

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been postponed until December

In a blog post on the MMORPG’s official website, producer Naoki Yoshida says that launching Endwalker on time was always going to be a race against the clock. He further emphasises the dual nature of his position, stating that he controls the project as producer while also serving as the director in charge of the development phase. In the end, Yoshida believed the expansion could be improved, and implementing such enhancements would have taken time away from the time the team would have spent making sure Endwalker was stable enough to be used for player interaction.

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According to him, “at this rate, there was a greater risk of us meeting the release date without ensuring stability as one form of quality, and as a result, I have decided to postpone the release at this time.” We also anticipate significant congestion across all game worlds, and I believed it would be inappropriate to release the expansion when the game’s stability was still insufficient. “Please accept my sincere apologies.”

When looking ahead, though, Yoshida says he is confident in his team’s ability to “well portray the storey of Endwalker’s voyage” because the team embarked on this “long trip producing and operating FFXIV together with the players” while developing FFXIV.

Aside from that, Yoshida revealed that the team would issue patches 601 and 6.05 on December 21 and January 4, respectively, due to the change in the release date.

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While the release date for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been postponed, there are plenty of other tidbits to keep us entertained. While participating in a recent Letter from the Producer Livestream, the developers discussed everything from PvP tweaks to crafting and gathering adjustments to housing changes and fishing. You can watch the webcast in its entirety above.