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Error! Sans is an AU destroyer created by Tumblr user Lover of Piggies(also referred to as Crayon Queen or CQ for short) on Tumblr. During this AU, he’s bent on destroying all AUs and things he considers ‘glitches’ or ‘mistakes’ within the multiverse.

He uses blue strings to traffic jams and shatters souls. If the strings go inside a victim, he will be ready to transfer his soul into the victim, controlling them to try to to whatever he likes, leaving the victim helpless. He can jump from one universe to a different one, having several other glitch powers/quirks.

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After tale sans, Genocide sans or simply Geno, he finally did; he got free from that foolish save screen to urge during a bigger problem. He got his ending his happy ending he’s happy now, yet during his time at the surface, he began to play together with his power. the facility of DETERMINATION. Despite sans telling him to shut up, return to sleep, and not roll in the hay again. He finally screwed himself with the success he sent himself to space, aka the void where the clock never chimes. He went crazy and begged, yelled and screamed. The screams echoed back to form him depressed. The emptiness loneliness began to devour his insanity whole till he had nothing left. Then it spits out something new it had been anger. He was angry ANGRY AT EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING EVEN AT THE COOL LOOKING SKELETON BRO. Now he’s Error sans, Formerly referred to as Geno. His mind reset, and he never remembered a thing.


His appearance is strictly like sans, but he features a dark colour and a red inner skull while his outer skull is dark. His hands are during a pattern of orange to yellow. He’s seemingly “crying”, but that’s his strings.


Error’s personality is horrible. He’s depressed happy at the opposite time. He’s just watching undernovela or simply stealing fell’s chocolate. He becomes sad or happy its not like He has no emotions. He’s not a nasty person, but he’s selfish for his desires.


Error sans features a sort of powers that you’d recognize that sans has, but some are just ingenious and ameliorated in how 

Strings: He uses the strings to urge hold of your soul and rip it apart. It’s sharp. It always it’s wont to rip a soul out of someone’s body or rip papers that seemingly are just au’s. Suppose the strings enter your body, your now screwed unless you bought someone to assist you because He can control you well. And He has you as a hostage.

Gaster blaster – He uses Gaster blaster in his fight against different opponents. Usually, He uses His strings to wrap around the blaster to regulate its way, Or He can just let it go if abandoning it blasts.

Bones: Bones have differing types of attacks and combo’s sort of a spinning bone or a bone zone. Error sans can use these bones any way He wants, like throwing it at the enemy or Doing a combo of an attack against them.

Telekinesis – Sans uses telekinesis to torture peo- I mean, he uses telekinesis to back an enemy from him or send them into a trap.

Warping/Teleporting: Every sans can teleport except swapped. Sometimes Error sans can teleport things to him too. Its like telekinesis, but it takes more stamina but during a good side, its quicker. He can warp through alternate universes Pretty handy tool, to be honest, myself.

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