Error 1962 – No Operating System Found

Error 1962 – No Operating System Found

Here we can see “Error 1962 – No Operating System Found

  • The PC error 1962 comes with the message No OS Found, and it mainly occurs on Lenovo computers.
  • You can use the startup repair method by employing a bootable media. We’ll assist you in creating one.
  • If you begin the pc in Safe Mode, you’ll also apply a system restore.
  • Changing the boot priority in BIOS also can fix this problem quickly so confirm you are trying it.

Error 1962 shows abreast of an affected Lenovo PC with the error message No OS Found.

However, Lenovo PC users see the error 1962 randomly intervals, sometimes within 2-3 days or after a interval of 2-3 hours.

The error problem and its implications also range on Lenovo PC; some users reported that they’re ready to access their PC’s BIOS, while others who can access their BIOS could not ascertain their hard disc drive.

Sometimes, users need to wait hours before their Lenovo PC can boot up commonly, thereby causing inconvenience.

Error 1962 could also be thanks to a faulty hard disc drive, corrupt Windows startup, startup errors, and incorrect BIOS settings. Here are solutions applicable in solving the error 1962 problem.

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How am i able to fix error 1962 in Lenovo PCs?

1. Run Startup Repair (Windows 10)

  1. First, you’ll get to create bootable media. If you don’t skills to try to to that, follow the link below to our guide.
  2. Insert the bootable USB or DVD and boot Windows from it.
  3. In the Windows Setup window, select the Language to put in, Time and Currency format, and the keyboard or input method.
  4. Hence, click on Repair your computer and choose Troubleshoot.
  5. Click on Advanced options, select Automatic Repair, then select the OS 
  6. After the repair process, follow the prompts notification else up your Windows PC.

You may consider running Startup repair so on fix the error 1962 problem. The startup could also be corrupted thanks to irregularities stemming from your Windows installation.

You need to make a Windows bootable USB or DVD drive before you proceed with the startup repair. Then, follow the steps above to hold out the startup repair.

2. Run System restore in Safe Mode

  1. Press the facility button until your PC shuts down, then press it again to modify on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the Run in Safe Mode option and hit Enter.
  3. Go to Start, type create a restore point, then click on the app from the results.
  4. Select the System protection tab, then click on System Restore.
  5. Now you got to select the recommended restore point or choose a special one and click on Next.
  6. Confirm your selection, await the method to finish, then reboot.

Running system restore also can fix the error problem on your Windows PC. Safe Mode may be a diagnostics mode in Windows that starts your PC with only essential files and drivers running.

However, you’ll perform a system restore in Safe Mode to revert to a particular restore point on your system barren of the error message display on startup.

3. Change boot priority in BIOS

  1. When you see the Error 1962: No OS Found display, press and hold the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at an equivalent time to reboot your PC.
  2. While booting, press the F12 key several times to launch the BIOS setup.
  3. After you see the Setup box, hit Enter.
  4. Click on the Startup tab, select CSM, and press Enter.
  5. Select the Enabled option.
  6. Locate Boot Priority and hit the Enter key.
  7. Change the present option of Legacy First to UEFI First.
  8. Hence, press the F10 key and choose YES, then await your PC to reboot.

Another reason for the error 1962 problem is due to incorrect settings in BIOS. You’ve got to repair this problem by changing the boot priority.

Follow the steps above to vary your boot priority. After your PC has been rebooted, the error message are going to be cleared.

4. Replace your hard disc Drive (HDD)

Finally, it’s not the most straightforward choice, but if the opposite solutions didn’t work, you would like to think about replacing your PC’s HDD because it will be faulty.

You can remove your HDD, connect it to a different PC to access the files and folders on the PC, and verify if it boots up from the HDD.

Meanwhile, if the new PC cannot spot and access the HDD, you got to replace it with a replacement one.

However, if the PC can detect and access the HDD, then the evidence for the error problem is that the faulty SATA cable.

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The SATA cable connects the HDD to its motherboard; we highly recommended replacing it with a replacement one. You’ll perform the replacement by knowledgeable computer engineer.

In conclusion, these solutions are highly recommended to unravel the Error 1962 No OS Found.

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