dev error 6068

dev error 6068

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How to fix Dev Error 6068 in COD Warzone

There are a variety of solutions for dev error 6068, and here is the way to do each of them:

Update your system and Warzone

If your system is running an older version of Windows 10, you’re likely to encounter dev error 6068 when playing COD Warzone. First, confirm that your PC’s OS and, therefore, the game are fully updated.

Update GPU drivers

Some players have updated their graphics drivers to repair dev error 6068. Here are the steps to update your GPU drivers:

Step 1: Navigate to your GPU drivers by opening the device manager. 

Step 2: Open the display adapters dropdown and click on ‘update driver’ to see the newest version.

Step 3: Select the ‘search automatically’ option and, if necessary, download the update and install it.

Reinstall game to repair damaged game files

Corrupted or damaged game files can also be a reason you’re facing dev error 6068. during this case, players will get to delete the sport and reinstall Call of Duty: Warzone. Confirm to download the newest version available and see if this may fix dev error 6068. 

Check task manager for third party programs which will interfere with COD Warzone.

A few Warzone gamers have encountered this error after installing new software on their systems. First, uninstall the software and check if that has fixed dev error 6068.

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Modify VideoMemoryScale option

Reddit user -Luciddream- suggested this method during a post on r/CODWarzone to form the sport to stop stuttering on their Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card. Some players have used this to repair dev error 6068. 

Step 1: attend Documents\Call of Duty Warzone\players 

Step 2: Open adv_options.ini using Notepad

Step 3: Find the road that says VideoMemoryScale, set it to 0.55 rather than 0.85 and save. 

Many players on the subreddit used this manner to repair dev error 6068 for COD Warzone.

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