Chrome OS Update v91 Backfires on Some Chromebooks

Here we can see “Chrome OS Update v91 Backfires on Some Chromebooks

Users would agree that Chrome OS is one of the simplest performing operating systems out there. The minimal hardware requirement and blazing performance of the OS have made it the favorite for several. However, just in case if you’re feeling that your Chromebook is dragging, the developers at Google could be responsible. If it’s not, then it’d be good for you to understand that a recent Chrome OS update backfired on some Chromebooks. Various reports indicate that users face minor to significant performance drops in their Chromebooks after the update.


Many uses have taken the difficulty to Reddit. Also, the continued Chromium Bug Tracker would offer you a thought of the extent of the matter. After updating their device to Chrome OS 91.0.4472.147, these users have reported that the CPU usage is maxing out even when idle. Users said that the difficulty came in right after their PC was updated. Lucky for us, there appears to be no solution for the bug, neither has Google acknowledged the bug.

A user has reported that the CPU usage hits all the high to 100%. He also said that the clock speed dropped as low as 0.80GHz(800Mhz) after the update, something we’ve missed since 2000. Lucky for you that you’ve got an opportunity to relive the 90s if you own a contemporary Chromebook. Consistent with Android Police, most reports are from users who own Chromebooks using 10th Gen Intel chips. AMD models are least affected, but remember that they’re within the race to catch up with the blue team.

We highly recommend that you hold off the update until Google comes up with an answer. But as always, they need first to acknowledge these performance issues. Just in case if you’re an early updater, there’s something that you could attempt to restore your Chromebook to its former glory. You’ll patiently try switching to the beta channel, or if you’re a professional, we highly recommend that you downgrade your Chromebook to the previous stable version.


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