Chrome OS Beta to get Android 11

Chrome OS Beta to get Android 11

Here we can see “Chrome OS Beta to get Android 11

Chromebook may receive Android 11 powered by ARCVM on its beta channel. Google was performing on fixing the problems with and revamping the Android system where ARVCM powers it. The new update also fixes it as it adds new features to Chrome OS.

As per reports, there are a couple of features that will appear alongside the new update. A number of them could be:

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Dark Theme

The dark mode is a crucial feature that ought to be a neighborhood of each OS. Users request both Android and Chrome OS for this feature. It reduces strain on the eyes when using the screen for a protracted period of your time. Chrome OS 89 incorporates the dark theme in its Developer settings which works for a few Android apps.

Android apps blend in with the dark theme in the best way. It displays an almost black background that looks like a default feature of Chrome OS UI. Notifications, title bar, and Android Settings use the dark theme in the best way. However, Chrome has got to work on this feature to form it work with more Android apps.

App Scaling

DPI (dots per inch) is that the most controversial topic of Chromebooks. The app scaling for Android isn’t a simple task to satisfy. However, Google is functioning hard to form this feature successfully with the coming-in of Android 11. So far, the efforts look good within the new update.

The scaling is more user-friendly and comes with bigger text, better layout, larger fonts, et cetera. The Developer options allow the users to regulate the scaling as per their preferences.

The new update is rolling bent the users. However, ‘Hatch’ based Chromebooks are receiving the Android 11 update as of now, so it’s going to take a while for it to succeed in them.

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