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  1. Download the program from the device’s app store.
  2. Within the program, pick your TV service provider and obtain the activation code.
  3. Now continue your pc and visit And enter the Code.
  4. Sign in together with your TV supplier using your accounts Password and username.
  5. Your device is now activated and prepared to use. Enjoy!

What’s Comedy Central?

Viacom CBS owns Central comedy station. The station are often found out and activated on several different streaming devices like the Roku Streaming Media Player (other programs would be Apple TV, Android TV, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV). Once You’ve Got your channel triggered, a variety of the foremost Recent and popular exhibits

Comedy Central has awakened together with your |along with your> together with your TV supplier to supply you accessibility to ascertain your favourite Comedy Central shows on need with your device

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Can I Create an Account on Comedy central?

If you have already got an online account with your TV supplier, you won’t need to make a replacement account. However, if you’ve got to form an online account, please contact together with your TV supplier.

As soon as you’ve activated your device, You’ll Be Ready to Navigate through the broad sort of movies and choose any movie you would like to see. Your movie will automatically start when you’ve created your choice.

Is my Activation Code not working?

If the code isn’t functioning or has died, click the “Regenerate Code” button to the activation code webpage to accumulate a replacement activation code.

What if I forgot my Password and username?

If you forgot your username and password, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your TV supplier.

How to Activate CC on Roku device

To activate Comedy Central App on Roku, the steps to be performed are as follows:

  1. At first, switch ‘ON’ the Roku device and move to the ‘Roku Home Screen’.
  2. Next, by using the Roku remote, navigate to the ‘Streaming Channels’ section.
  3. Now, attend the ‘Search Channels’ tab.
  4. Move to the ‘Roku Channel Store’ to locate the ‘CC App’ to urge into the Roku device.
  5. With the assistance of the ‘Search’ option, find the ‘Comedy Central’ (CC) app on the shop page.
  6. Once you find the app, click on the ‘Add Channel’ button to urge the CC App on the Roku device.
  7. When the installation has been completed, return to your Roku home screen and ‘Launch’ the Channel app so on receive the unique ‘Activation Code’.
  8. Make sure to notice or copy the provided code, which can be required on the further process.
  9. Next, attend the website at page from a special device like your phone or computer.
  10. Click on the ‘Enter’ tab. You’ll be prompted to urge log in together with your cable provider by wielding the allotted credentials.
  11. Then, you want to enter the provided activation code within the given box.
  12. Lastly, once you are done entering the Code, hit the ‘Activate’ button to end the activation process.

Within a couple of minutes, the CC App will be activated on your Roku device, and you’ll then watch your favourite CC shows available.

Activate CC: the way to do so on an Apple TV device

You must follow the below points step by step to access Comedy Central on the Apple TV device:

  • Firstly, turn ‘ON’ your Apple device to initiate the method of activation.
  • Next, navigate to the section on ‘App Store’ with the assistance of the TV remote.
  • Find the ‘CC’ Channel App under the App Store section by typing its name within the ‘Search’ tab.
  • Once you find the app, tap on the ‘Get’ option to download and install the Channel on the Apple device.
  • Now, launch the Channel on the device once the installation has been done to get the activation code. Ensure to notice the provided Code.
  • In the next step, visit the official website of Comedy Central at from another device like your computer or mobile.
  • Then, you would like to enter the unique ‘Activation Code’ within the provided field.
  • Hit the button on ‘Continue’ to finish the method.

Note: you’ll be prompted to supply the login credentials of the Cable TV Provider. Follow that and undergo the instructions displayed on-screen to finish the method successfully.

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How to Activate Comedy Central on the Amazon Fire TV device

The steps to follow has been stated below:

  1. To begin with, first, activate your Amazon Fire TV and check to urge it connected to an honest internet network.
  2. Then, move to the ‘Amazon Store’ tab with the remote by using the arrow keys.
  3. Next, within the Amazon Store, look for the Comedy Central Channel App with the ‘Search’ option.
  4. When you find the app, download then install the channel on your Amazon Fire TV.
  5. Then tap thereon so on launch the channel within the device.
  6. An ‘Activation Code’ will appear on the TV screen, write or copy it.
  7. In the next step, go to the website from your computer or phone through your preferred browser.
  8. Now, click the button on ‘Enter’ and fill the activation code within the appropriate box.
  9. Tap the button on ‘Continue’ and perform the instructions displayed on-screen.
  10. Lastly, they’ll prompt you to enter the login details of your TV provider, then your device is prepared to access, and you’ll stream the CC content.

How to Activate CC, i.e. Comedy Central, on your Xbox

To watch the content of Comedy Central on your Xbox device, the steps you want to follow are:

  • At first, ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ the CC app from the Xbox App Store by using the Search tab.
  • Next, launch the app on the Xbox device from its home screen.
  • The unique ‘Activation Code’ will be displayed, which you would like to notice down.
  • Now, visit at page from your mobile or computer device.
  • Then, type within the unique activation code within the given field.
  • Next, hit the button on ‘Continue’.
  • You need to pick the TV Provider and enter its login credentials, and thus the activation process has been completed.

Now you’ll be ready to stream the Comedy Central (CC) Channel’s favourite shows on the Xbox device.

Is it possible to stream and watch Comedy Central without a TV provider

Yes! you’ll make use of the Live TV streaming services app below to observe Comedy Central app on Roku without a TV provider:

Fubo TV: initially, this service has three channel plans. And it also consists of the affordable package that’s fubo Standard, where you’ll get Comedy Central.

Philo: moreover, this provides one plan of channels for $20 per month. And this offers quite 56 channels, consisting of Comedy Central.

Sling TV: The Orange box has Comedy Central in its bundle and costs $ 30 per month, and Blue has Comedy Central and 40 other channels.

AT & T TV Now: AT & T TV now are upscale thanks to watching Comedy Central. Confirm to form the subscription and begin with the streaming process.

Who are the cable or satellite television providers that support streaming Comedy Central?

Here may be a shortlist of the TV providers who let the Comedy Central app’s activation process:

  • Direct TV
  • Dish Network
  • AT & T TV U Verse
  • Orby TV
  • Verizon FiOS

It are often some more counting on the destination. Attend the activation site that’s, select any pay-TV providers, and key within the activation code to fireside up the activation process.

Streaming and standard devices that permit you to stream Comedy Central

Below are the devices that allow you to stream Comedy Central:

  • Roku streaming players
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Android TV
  • Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android

Besides, install the CC app, receive the channel code, visit, choose the TV provider, and initiate the activation procedure.

Want to understand what Comedy Central is and the way to initiate the CC app’s activation process? Dial the toll-free number and get in touch with our specialized expert squad.

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