Cannot open this item. Outlook has already begun transmitting this message

Cannot open this item. Outlook has already begun transmitting this message

Here we can see “Cannot open this item. Outlook has already begun transmitting this message

Outlook is a tremendous desktop email client. However, that doesn’t mean that Outlook is ideal. Many issues plague all the various versions of Outlook. One among these issues occurs when an email that an affected user sends out gets stuck within the Outbox folder, with the user unable to send, delete and sometimes even open it. Such an email remains within the Outbox for what looks like all eternity, refusing to travel anywhere. Additionally, to top it all off, this problem has and continues to affect many Outlook users. Whenever a user suffering from this issue tries to open or resend the culprit message, they receive the subsequent error message:

“Cannot open this item. Outlook has already begun transmitting this message.”

Emails can grind to a halt within the Outbox because they’re overlarge, due to a crappy internet connection, due to an indoor problem with the email itself or due to anybody of dozens of other reasons. Thankfully, though, regardless of what the explanation for this issue could also be, there are plenty of things that will be done to undertake and fix it. the subsequent are a number of the foremost effective solutions that you can use to undertake and fix this problem:

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Solution 1: Open the email, then delete it

  • Launch Outlook
  • Navigate to your Outbox.
  • Double-click on the email to open it. If the email refuses to open, ignore this step and move forward with a subsequent one. If the email opens successfully, close it.
  • Right-click on the email and click on Delete within the context menu.

Pro Tip: If this solution doesn’t work for you, drag and drop the culprit email from your Outbox to your Drafts folder. Once that’s done, open your Drafts folder and either delete the email or open it by double-clicking thereon and clicking on Send to undertake and send it. Again, if sending the email from the Drafts folder doesn’t work, make sure to undertake to delete it.

Solution 2: attempt to fix the matter in Offline Mode

  • Outlook features a handy minor Offline Mode which you’ll switch to undertake and obtain obviate the culprit email just in case Solution 1 didn’t work for you. To use this solution, you would like to:
  • If you’re using Outlook 2007 (or a good older version), click on File> Work Offline. If you’re using Outlook 2010 or later, navigate to the Send / Receive tab and click on Work Offline.
  • Try to delete the culprit’s email. To do so, repeat steps 2–4 from Solution 1.

Pro Tip: If this solution doesn’t work, you’ll even try switching to Offline Mode then using the professional Tip from Solution 1 to maximize your chances of overcoming this issue.

Solution 3: attempt to fix the matter in Safe Mode

  • Apart from Offline Mode, you’ll also attempt to fix this problem in Outlook’s Safe Mode. To try to to so, you would like to:
  • Hold down the Ctrl key, and while doing so, double-click on a shortcut to Outlook or click on Outlook in your Taskbar or Start Menu to launch it.
  • Keep holding down the Ctrl key until you see a dialog asking you whether or not you would like to start Outlook in Safe Mode. Once you see this dialog, abandoning of the Ctrl key and click on Yes.
  • Try to delete the culprit email by repeating steps 2–4 from Solution 1.

Pro Tip: once more, it’s recommended that you reuse the professional Tip from Solution 1, but this point while you’ve got started Outlook in Safe Mode.

Solution 4: Create a replacement. PST file then delete the culprit email

If none of the above solutions have worked for you, this borderline drastic yet highly effective solution may be the thanks to going. Many users suffering from this issue are ready to delete the emails stuck in their Outbox after creating new .PST files. To use this solution, you would like to:

  • If you’re using Outlook 2007 (or a good older version), click on File> New > Outlook Data File…. On the opposite hand, if you’re using Outlook 2010 or later, click on File> Account Settings > Account Settings…, navigate to the info Files tab and click on Add….
  • Name the new Outlook file something like New PST, then click on OK.
  • Click on the newly created Outlook file to pick it, then click Set as Default to line it as your default file.
  • Click on OK within the resulting dialog.
  • Restart Outlook by closing it then relaunching it. Once it opens, you’ll see that the contents of your original .PST file are displayed in Outlook as an additional set of folders now.
  • Navigate to your secondary Outbox (the one from the first .PST file) and delete the stuck email or move it to your Drafts folder, then remove/resend it from there.
  • Set your original .PST file because of the default Outlook file and, if you would like, delete the new .PST file you created.
  • Restart Outlook and, hopefully, all should be again.
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Solution 5: Use MFCMAPI to get rid of the culprit message

If all else fails, the only remaining path for you to travel down is to use MFCMAPI, an exceptionally trustworthy and reliable third-party program designed as a low-level editing tool for Outlook, to undertake and take away the culprit email. To try to to so, you would like to:

  • Go here and download the newest version of MFCMAPI.
  • If the downloaded File is an archive file, uncompress it employing a compression program like WinRAR.
  • Locate and double-click on exe among the contents of the downloaded File to launch MFCMAPI.
  • Click on OK within the resulting popup.
  • Click on Session > Logon….
  • Select your Outlook mail profile within the dropdown menu and click on OK.
  • Double-click on the entry which has True in its Default Store
  • In the left pane, expand the very first entry. this may be called Root – Mailbox or Root Container, counting on whether or not you’re using an Exchange

Expand each of the subsequent folders:


Top of Outlook file 

Top of private Folders

Top of data Store

  • The goal is to seek out your Outbox folder, so you’ll stop once you expand one among the folders listed above and see your Outbox folder.
  • Once you see your Outbox folder, double-click thereon and a dialog containing all of the email messages in your Outbox folder will open up.
  • Click on the culprit email to pick it, then click on Actions > Submit > Abort submit.
  • With the culprit email still selected, click on Actions > Delete message.
  • Open the dropdown menu directly underneath Deletion style and click on on the Permanent Delete passing DELETE_HARD_DELETE (unrecoverable) choice to select it.
  • Click on OK.
  • Close all open MFCMAPI windows, launch Outlook, and you ought to see that you have finally gotten obviate the culprit email.
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