Brave (A New Browser by Mozilla’s Co-Founder): Why Should You Use it?

Brave (A New Browser by Mozilla’s Co-Founder): Why Should You Use it?

Here we can see “Brave (A New Browser by Mozilla’s Co-Founder): Why Should You Use it?

Online advertisements (and the various different sorts of technology – including tracking pixels and tracking cookies – that are embedded within them) are regularly forcing more and more users to start out installing and using various ad-blocking extensions alongside internet browsers. Online advertisements are constantly becoming more and more aggressive as time passes – going as far as secretly installing malware on the computers of users who view them. Additionally, due to the immense rise in the use of ad-blockers, more and more websites are opting to ban users employing ad-blockers access to their content.

Modern advertisements found on the planet Wide Web can track and profile website visitors and their online activity, posing a significant threat to the individual internet user’s privacy. Additionally, web pages that have advertisements on them take much longer to load than ad-free web pages.

Brave may be a technology entrepreneur’s brave step towards making the planet Wide Web safer for website visitors and improving the typical internet user’s overall experience while browsing the web . Brave is an online browser with ad-blocking technology built into it. Brave wants to rid the typical internet user’s browsing experience of all those pesky, resource-consuming and potentially harmful advertisements and instead provide users with the choice to look at minimally intrusive and completely safe ads pre-approved by Brave in exchange for actual money within the sort of Bitcoin. Brave is the brainchild of Brendan Eich, co-founder and former CEO of Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox web browser).

Brave presents an entirely new world of possibilities and, therefore the refore the hope for a replacement version of the web. In this version, advertisements are completely harmless and minimally intrusive. The people even have a say in whether or not they need to ascertain advertisements without stressing about being denied access to web pages if they prefer to block ads. In any case, here are a number of the foremost important reasons why the typical person should use Brave:

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Brave pays you for seeing safe ads!

Brave comes with ad-blocking technology built into it. However, the parents at Brave know just what proportion websites depend upon income from the advertisements they display and the way these ads are a source of income for their publishers. That being the case, Brave aims to seek a middle ground that benefits the web site displaying the advertisements, the advertisement’s publisher, the user and Brave itself!

Brave provides its users with the choice to ascertain safe, non-intrusive ads that it’s approved of, and in exchange, Brave pays them a particular amount of cash within the sort of Bitcoin. Publishers of advertisements create ads and pay Brave Software for a particular number of impressions for every one of the advertisements. All of those payments are pooled into one sum by Brave – 55% of this money is paid to websites that comply with participation during this plan, 15% is paid to Brave’s ad-matching partner, 15% goes into individual Bitcoin wallets for users who prefer to join this scheme and therefore the remaining 15% goes into Brave’s pockets.

The money you earn by agreeing to ascertain ads from Brave’s network is deposited by Brave into a Bitcoin wallet, and you’ll claim all the funds within the Bitcoin wallet created for you by simply verifying your identity by providing your email address and a legitimate telephone number. If users fail to say their funds, they’re automatically donated to the top websites they visit. All of the advertisements that Brave displays to its users as a part of this scheme are entirely safe, haven’t any black-hat tricks to them and aren’t in the least intrusive.

Brave makes websites load faster

Trackers employed by advertisement creators and enormous, intrusive ads end in web pages loading slower than they ought to be. Brave blocks trackers and rids the user’s internet experience of all advertisements that will be deemed intrusive, leading to websites loading faster – at speeds they were initially alleged to load at.

Brave ensures that websites and ads alike respect your privacy

Most of the advertisements displayed on websites today employ technology that permits them to record and profile an internet site visitor’s activity while they’re on the website. Brave ensures that this doesn’t happen – even with the Brave-approved advertisements that it displays to users should they prefer to see ads in exchange for Bitcoin

Brave shields its users from malvertisement

A new concept that recently made its way into the advertisement community is malvertisement. A malvertisement is a web advertisement laced with malware that automatically installs itself onto the website visitor’s computer without the visitor ever knowing about it. Brave takes pride in shielding all of its users from this specific entirely online advertisement and intrinsically protects its users from plenty of harmful elements every single day. Not having to stress about your computer being infected by malware without you even realizing it certainly makes a compelling reason for you to use Brave.

Using Brave means ad networks can’t track your activity

Brave blocks both Tracking Pixels and Cookies, making it impossible for ad networks to trace your activity while you shop online or browse your favorite websites.

Brave always redirect websites to HTTPS

To dramatically strengthen your security while browsing the web, Brave integrated HTTPS as far because the virtual eye can see. As a result, brave makes sure that its users take the safest routes possible when trekking the vastness of the planet Wide Web.

Brave blocks ads but still offers many options for you to support ad creators

Although Brave blocks advertisements, it still provides many options that you can use to fund and support content creators. Users of the Brave browser can support content creators by either seeing safe, Brave-approved ads that benefit both them and content creators or by directly funding websites and content creators through channels created and managed by Brave.

Brave is out there for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. To download Brave, click here and click on Get Brave (to download Brave for Windows) or on Download Brave for an additional platform (to download Brave for an additional platform).

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