Better search for Chrome OS with Google Now

Here we can see “Better search for Chrome OS with Google Now

Google is rolling out Chrome OS version 42.0.2311.87 update, which brings Google now to Chrome OS. The feature was previously available during a beta of the Chrome OS, and now all Chromebooks have access to Google’s anticipatory search computing engine within the public release.


Along with Google Now, Chrome OS 42.0.2311.87 will bring the fabric Design to the OS. An updated calculator and an improved Chrome OS Launcher also bring better search and voice search.

Google Now allows users to look online – it integrates with Google search being a Google product – and it also anticipates once you need the information to deliver relevant results without user intervention. For example, Google Now will update you on the weather reception and at work, traffic conditions, travel times and delays, and news snippets supported your search history. Google presents the knowledge that it anticipates are going to be relevant to you during a card-like UI.


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