Android Screen Not Responding

Android Screen Not Responding

Here we can see “Android Screen Not Responding

If you’re using an Android phone, you want to have encountered problems together with your touch screen every now then, and therefore, the issue of an unresponsive touch screen is widespread. Of course, most “normal” users will see this as drag and eventually spend money replacing the screen. However, seasoned android users know that this is often not a drag to be worried about.

Therefore, today I will be able to show you some quick and cheap fixes which will assist you in saving quite a few dollars.

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Removal of Protective Casing: Sometimes, the protective casing of your phone interferes with the sensors, and if that’s the case, you ought to try removing the container and use the phone without it.

Third-Party Wallpapers: Sometimes third party wallpapers (especially the live wallpapers) that you download from the Playstore causes this problem. Therefore, you ought to attempt to use a static wallpaper and see if the matter disappears.

Get Visual Feedback: If you’re unsure which part of the phone is unresponsive, then you’ll need to get visual feedback of the screen. The visual feedback will tell you exactly where the screen responds to your touch by leaving a line on the net. However, to enable visual feedback, you’ll first get to do the subsequent steps:

  • First of all, attend the setting>about phone and tap on “build number” 7 times.
  • Now, developer options will be enabled on your phone and accessible through the setting>developer options.
  • Now enable the “show touches” option by getting to setting>developer options>input>show touches. You’ll now have real-time Visual feedback on the places where you touch on the screen. But, if you don’t get visual feedback, you almost certainly got to take your phone to a fix-it shop.
  • Sometimes careful wiping the screen with a soft dry cloth or towel also helps solve the matter.
  • Factory Reset: if nothing else works out, you’ll always do a full factory reset of your phone, and this may solve the matter provided there’s some virus or bug that’s causing the screen to prevent responding.

I have mentioned above just a few of the simplest ways to repair this problem which should work. If none of those techniques works, then you’ll probably need to visit the fix-it shop or claim your warranty.

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