An offline single player option for Back 4 Blood is expected to be released in December

After playing Turtle Rock’s iconic Left 4 Dead titles for years, Back 4 Blood is a fun and violent sequel. However, the lack of any method to proceed through the storey in the zombie game’s single-player mode left some cleaners scratching their heads when it first arrived a month ago. Back 4 Blood’s near-term roadmap has finally been published by the developer, and it appears that solo gamers will be receiving some much-needed attention in the not too distant future.


According to the Back 4 Blood roadmap, released on the game’s official Twitter account, a solo offline mode with campaign progression will be available starting in December. While the campaign is satisfyingly challenging when played with a group of people, as Jordan Forward points out in our Back 4 Blood review, it was discouraging to discover that there was no way to gain awards when playing solo with bots. This will be a pleasant break for players whose friends live in inconvenient time zones or who aren’t interested in the zombie-blasting aspect of the game in general.

First and foremost, quality of life improvements and significant bug fixes’ is scheduled for release in November. However, Turtle Rock hasn’t specified exactly what this implies for the upcoming version to be released in December. As well as improvements to the single-player mode, Back 4 Blood will receive additional supply lines. A new practice area where you may practise fighting different ridden types, a new card type, and several new cards in December.

The whole road map is as follows:

Passholders who purchase an annual pass can look forward to three new expansions opening in 2022, the first of which will be branded Tunnels of Terror. In addition, new cleaners, new kinds of ridden, a new activity type, new weapons and cards, and exclusive skins are all promised by the pass.


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