10 tools for increased productivity in Salesforce

Here we can see, “10 tools for increased productivity in Salesforce”

When Salesforce is first deployed to employees, few firms use every capability. It would be too much to take in, and you already know that success is determined by end-user adoption. As a result, if you’re like most customer relationship management (CRM) project teams, you’re likely to focus on solving basic business objectives like lead, account, and opportunity management. If this is you, here are five tools to help you increase your Salesforce productivity:

Salesforce AppExchange: “If only we could utilise Salesforce to achieve this…” says one user on the Salesforce AppExchange. Is that something you’ve heard before? Your company’s problem could be the same as someone else’s, and someone might have already devised a solution for it. Go to AppExchange to see if an existing custom app or component can assist you. You’ll also find a slew of popular free options!

Email templates: This simple tool can save a lot of time for your sales and marketing teams. You don’t have to go digging for an old email, copying and pasting it into a message, and scouring the text for locations where the former customer’s name should be replaced. Email templates are simple to create and use, and they allow you to send out professional-looking HTML or text emails to your contacts.


Online lead or case forms: Salesforce’s traditional online lead or case forms functionality is one that every customer should use. Using a form to collect lead or case information helps you keep your data consistent, which improves the accuracy of your reporting. Whether you implement this in the first phase is up to you, but it should be high on your priority list.

Salesforce Chatter:  If your employees are dispersed (in separate towns, nations, or even different floors) and need to collaborate, Salesforce Chatter is a good option. When utilised to deliver relevant, concise business updates in a chronologically-based feed, chatter can attract engagement from people you’ve never met before. Chatter is where Salesforce’s collaborative capability shines, as updates to records, as well as updates about humans made by humans, populate your Chatter feed. What if you followed some of your company’s top salesmen and discovered one day that they had generated an opportunity for a former employer? To assist the salesperson in closing the business, you might immediately provide some additional information or offer yourself a resource.

Salesforce1 mobile app: Smartphones and tablets are crucial for people who travel a lot of work with customers. Salesforce1 is a free app for iPhones and Android phones downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. Salesforce1 allows sales reps and field service staff to instantly access critical customer information from Salesforce on a mobile device or tablet, with a user experience that adapts to any screen size. Travelling to client sites allows reps to stay productive.

SalesforceA mobile app: Salesforce system administrators may now control various user rights using the SalesforceA mobile app from their mobile device. Ensure you have SalesforceA installed on your smartphone if your firm has urgent user-related demands outside of business hours (such as resetting a user’s password or deactivating a terminated employee). The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Inline editing: As a Salesforce end-user, one strategy to increase productivity is to reduce the number of mouse clicks. You can skip needing to click Edit on a record and waiting for a full browser page refresh if you have inline editing enabled in your Salesforce instance. You can double-click a field you want to update to make it editable right away using inline editing. After you’ve made a change, you can move on to the next field without having to refresh your browser page.

Data.com: Do you know any salespeople who enjoy entering data into Salesforce? The likelihood is that the answer is “not many.” Salesforce’s Data.com integration lets your salespeople search for firms and automatically update a record with customer information with a single click. Data.com collaborates with Dun & Bradstreet to give information on a wide range of businesses, ensuring the accuracy of your data.

Workflows: If your business processes are made up of similar actions (with minimal variation), consider creating workflows to eliminate the need for your end-users to click repeatedly. Workflows are based on the concept of “if this happens, then do that.”

Custom apps: Combining many objects and their associated tabs into a single app increases user productivity by reducing information overload. Cases, quotes, and solutions are unnecessary distractions for a user who spends her day exclusively dealing with accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Instead of showing employees access to data that is irrelevant to their job function, you can have them focus on objects relevant to their task right away when onboarding them.


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User Questions:

1. What are Salesforce productivity tools?

1) Chatter on Salesforce.

2) Conga Composer is a programme that allows you to compose congas.

SUMO Scheduler is the third option.

4) Dooly, Dooly, Dooly, Dooly, Do

5) Ebsta Inbox is a service provided by Ebsta.


2. How does Salesforce help you be more productive?

  • Build Your Pipeline More Effortlessly. CRM apps enable salespeople to save and deal with data on each prospect, ensuring that their information is available at all times.
  • Make the most of your selling time.
  • Add Sales Intelligence to the mix.
  • Make the switch to mobile.

3. What are the three different kinds of productivity tools?

  • The task manager is in charge of all tasks.
  • The calendar application.
  • The person who takes notes.

4. What is the trailhead of productivity tools?

  • Allow users to access short text and macros.
  • A quick text, macros, and history can all be customised in your app.
  • Set up a series of rapid activities for a large number of people.
  • Create your email action.
  • Allow case owners to receive email notifications.

5. In Salesforce, what is quick text?

Quick text lets you standardise your company messaging and saves consumers time. You can input predetermined messages, such as greetings, replies to frequent questions, and brief notes, using fast text. A quick text can be inserted into emails, chats, events, tasks, Knowledge articles, and other places.

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